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    The Map is Set in Canada

    i think its Going to be Canada but i guess we have to wait and See,
  2. SDChargers1993

    The Map is Set in Canada

    I Say This Because I was Listen'in to a Song Right, and i was Thinking Of the Mission "Project Nova" From Black Ops, and i was Reading and i came across this : Source- http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Project_Nova !!! Yea That Make me Think?? 0dPEXn9Z3Ls The Scientist Guy Says: I assure you that our craft will be far superior to whatever the Americans... or should I say, Canadians (heh) are developing I Think This is a Big Find Dealing With Call Of the Dead, Also Yea So I Think People Say "it Russia" no It Might be Canada Also Food For Thought the Factions in the Mission r German German Military, British Commandos Red Army, Also U.S.S.R and Maybe Canada just saying Since the Map Maybe Takes Place in North-Eastern Most Canada Since the Doctor From Ascension Says Something About Canada. Also More to Point Out: Look Where it Says Designate: X-RAY Ive Been Seeing Stuff about an Death Ray Joint And Also, Note In the Game it Says Something about the Arctic Circle and ePrKHzHTYPM This Guy Does a Lil No Clip'in and yea I know who he is, dont flame me, i dont care And Also From The Comments Section and Also This Might Help, I Think And the Papers around the Mission and on Discovery That Say Death Ray and Joint and idk about the 1948 thing cuz i dont think we would go bacc in Time or Something like that, and About the Charters i Dont like the Way 3Arc Commercialized the Game to Put Famous Has Been in the game, i mean Freddy and Umburto Robina From GTA Vice City and Some Werid White Guy and Possible a Ugly Vampire Slayer or a (i herd) Geroge Romero. That Dude is Old as Bill Cosby and Jerry Rice, But i hope it Turns out Ok i think it will, just cuz Instead of Dogs Round there gonna be CJ From San Andreas or Victor Vance Gonna Try to Get Umburto and lmao imma Stop im not Dave Chapelle in the Comedy Dept. So That All I can Say, And i think i started a Good Theory, and I feel that We Will Find out When the game comes out, and i hope i did something Productive on here since i Joined to Find Zombies Stuff, and ill Reply Tomorrow, Fa Show, and if Anybody Wanna No Clip on tha Mission or http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Project_Nova go here and post anything i missed Feel free, fa show t65T01n15Fw OSDZ-UbspwM Note For Anybody Who Cares Lmao, Seem like Everyone on here like Rock, or something but if u like Ol Skool 90 G-Funk This is The Song That Made me think of Project Nova, Yea its Odd, but ayo that me, and If anyone is Serious About Zombies PM me or add me vvv its in my Sig vvv just send a Message tellin me who ya r on Xbox
  3. SDChargers1993

    Acension Evidence in 'Five'

    Wow Snake U Shut Everyone up, lmao, Prove'in Hard Cold Facts, To these lil Young Kids, keep doin'in what u doin'in [brains]

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