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    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    id have to say in my opinion that we will be having some sort of earth based weapon. since we already have the olympia which upgraded shoots fire(I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE OLYMPIA IS A WONDER WEAPON) i dont think that we should have 2 different fire weapons in the game atm but my thoughts so far for the earth gun is either something that affects gravity or something that i dunno maybe encase the zombies to stone or create a temporary wall of earth from the ground and other stuff like that.
  2. Hellsling

    Zombie Storyline and Ascension Clues

    So I have 2 guesses so far, ascension happens 8 years after kino and god knows what happens in between there richtofen kills the 3 survivors or possibly only takeo since he's the only one with a death date and the rest aren't even confirmed dead(and I sure hope it stays that way im betting most people wouldn't wanna see a grave saying "Here Lies Nikolai Belinski" or something like that right? But I'm pretty sure they would wanna see a grave for takeo though lol just kidding)And the other one is ascension takes place sooner and that's when richtofen TRIES to kill the survivors but at most he would've only gotten 2 or none at all then gets to assassinate takeo somewhere in the future but im not sure what happens to the other 2 though maybe they get away? Thus explaining the part of takeo's profile "he helped". But this doesn't add up though, infact this seems to deny most of our theories like about the blank portrait in kino they all say that richtofen is gonna die since he's not immune to the effects of 115 but instead ironically he survives and the rest die.
  3. Hellsling

    The True identity of the Thief!

    Uhh if I remember correctly zombies need PART of their brains in order to move their body the reason they walk when they've got their heads off is because it's still reacting to the last command the brain gave them. Anyways I'm out of this thread since well i look like the last one who doesn't agree now so bye.
  4. Hellsling

    The True identity of the Thief!

    How could his older self time travel or atleast actually exist if he was shot in the brain a long time ago? Dont say he altered the time line since this so-called "future Clarke" had no contact with the normal Clarke since if he did then Clarke from the future would have told our current dead Clarke he was about to be assasinated a long time ago and would have actually survived or maybe avoid being captured by hudson in the first place
  5. Hellsling

    The True identity of the Thief!

    You know I MIGHT have agreed with earth but after re reading this topic for the 3rd time I've come to the conclusion that there is some actual evidence he is not the thief. For one he was shot in the head for christ's sake why is there no bullet hole? Next is everyone's beloved "how could he look old here and younger 5 years later?" I doubt he has the same case as benjamin button where u grow younger as the years go by. And his attire if he is what u say a "zombie" why isn't he wearing Clarke's clothes zombies are supposed to be mindless and I've never in my life seen a zombie wear a lab coat using it's instinct. Plus zombies are like I said mindless and they dont take your guns they eat your brains off how would the thief know that stealing your guns is a smart choice when in fact if he is a frigging zombie he wouldn't even know what a gun is anymore. My conclusion is the thief is not a zombie but some sort of delusional psychopath whose probably lost his mind from element 115 and is identity will not be known for now. I can't understand why you can't by the very least CONSIDER the possibility that it isnt clarke. If you ask me you're the troll of your own thread for just simply throwing off other people's ideas and doubts like they're completely meaningless when infact they could be right.
  6. Hellsling

    BIG secret on Kino???

    I THINK "the giant" project in der riese is the mass production of the wunderwaffe dg2 but the project was stopped cuz of lack of funding but I could be wrong
  7. Hellsling

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Although it REALLY pains me to say this if someones gotta go it will be richtofen since he knows to much and is too important to stay BUT there's this part of me that says none will die due to these reasons Tank Dempsey wont die due to immunity and being the apparant leader of the group(and cuz he's so badass) Nikolai Belinski can't go due to immunity and for being the drunken comical relief dude(in a way he's also pretty badass I mean seriously, he slaughtered almost all his wives the 4th being the only survivor) Takeo Masaki can't die becuz of immunity and his silence and wisdom(he gives hints about the story in riddles and what-nots) Edward Richtofen although he's not immune he knows everything that's going on if he's gonna die he's gonna die with a bang and will also leave them with a vital piece of information Now about the blank picture if none of them dies then they will encounter the guy. But if someone DOES die the replacement will either be Sophia or Maxis(though I'm thinking maxis since the pic looks like a dude)Now as for peter he's the hanging dude without an arm in Shi No Numa just ask me if u want the explanation
  8. Hellsling

    BIG secret on Kino???

    I personally don't believe it's the cosmic silverback but theres always the possibility of something else out there ofc were not meant to see it. For now anyways.but I have heard the crawlers make some sort of roaring sound right before attacking. For now we should continue to investigate the matter by looking for clues and taking a look of what info we have so far from all the other maps and ofc kdt and cooperate in order to find out which side is right fighting will only continue to make it harder to learn the truth behind all this

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