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  1. IMO, Sam being a sub boss is an outrageous fantasy. Sam might(and should never imo) not appear in zombies at all or atleast confront the heroes. I think sam is a character that should never be physically shown(along with Maxis) i think Sam is meant for the players to find out who EXACTLY she is without physically seeing her(i know i probably sound vague right now XD)
  2. id have to say in my opinion that we will be having some sort of earth based weapon. since we already have the olympia which upgraded shoots fire(I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE OLYMPIA IS A WONDER WEAPON) i dont think that we should have 2 different fire weapons in the game atm but my thoughts so far for the earth gun is either something that affects gravity or something that i dunno maybe encase the zombies to stone or create a temporary wall of earth from the ground and other stuff like that.
  3. i was just reading through some cod news while waiting for my kino der toten map to load and i saw the news with my own 2 eyes i couldnt believe it at first so i started searching and i went to this site http://www.beyondhollywood.com/call-of- ... l-preview/ and there it was when i saw the words “Ascension”, where you fight zombies in a Soviet launch facility. i was like OMG they were right wooooooooooo! anyways its there! HURAY!!!!!
  4. So I have 2 guesses so far, ascension happens 8 years after kino and god knows what happens in between there richtofen kills the 3 survivors or possibly only takeo since he's the only one with a death date and the rest aren't even confirmed dead(and I sure hope it stays that way im betting most people wouldn't wanna see a grave saying "Here Lies Nikolai Belinski" or something like that right? But I'm pretty sure they would wanna see a grave for takeo though lol just kidding)And the other one is ascension takes place sooner and that's when richtofen TRIES to kill the survivors but at most he would've only gotten 2 or none at all then gets to assassinate takeo somewhere in the future but im not sure what happens to the other 2 though maybe they get away? Thus explaining the part of takeo's profile "he helped". But this doesn't add up though, infact this seems to deny most of our theories like about the blank portrait in kino they all say that richtofen is gonna die since he's not immune to the effects of 115 but instead ironically he survives and the rest die.
  5. I hear this has been proven to be true in other threads but I forgot which ones anyways good one.
  6. I saw this on a diff thread they say the morse is ISIS5SS i thought thy if you removed all the s you would get II5 which is a possible reference to 115 but maybe this would be something else like Isis being a project name or something and 5 for Pentagon then ss for if I remember his is some sort of acronym used by the Germans in world war 2 so maybe the Americans and the Germans were working together on some sort of project Isis or whatever anyways maybe whoever is doing the knocking might be involved in this project Isis. Anyways that's all I got for now
  7. Remember richtofen is the only one of the 4 that isn't immune to the effects of 115 so his insanity continues to increase more and more when fighting more and more zombies. Plus when you think about it he was already insane before the zombies thing happened. Plus I think the teddy has always played a mysterious major role in all of this from the "supposed" death of Sam and maxis. Many people(myself included) think that maxis is still alive but don't know what to think when it comes to Sam(I think no one but treyarch does) but aside from that uhwanderwaffe maybe right about the Teddy bein he dark side of Sam. Maybe she survived but while teleporting created a dark twisted side of her that's looking for revenge. Or maybe she died and became a restless soul that either seeks revenge on the zombies that started this whole mess or on richtofen who was responsible for her death Or both and thus creating a good side who wants to end the zombie crisis that's why she gives the occasional power ups and the evil side that wants to use the crisis for her selfish desires to deal with richtofen that's probly why it gets only harder for them anyways soz for this block of text and this probably confusing post but I hope u understand this.
  8. Any evidence on this sudden accusation?
  9. Uhh if I remember correctly zombies need PART of their brains in order to move their body the reason they walk when they've got their heads off is because it's still reacting to the last command the brain gave them. Anyways I'm out of this thread since well i look like the last one who doesn't agree now so bye.
  10. Uhm it's confirmed that the clocks don't have any significance to the story what so ever. All the clocks show the correct time line on whatever is written under them except for Hanoi which shows the time located in your steam but I dont know if it's different on the consoles
  11. Actually the zombies thief slows down after u shoot his legs. This is a real life saver since u can run around the war room without him catching u AND still give u enuf time to chat. I'm saying this because maybe cutting down the Zork thief's legs could actually do something
  12. How could his older self time travel or atleast actually exist if he was shot in the brain a long time ago? Dont say he altered the time line since this so-called "future Clarke" had no contact with the normal Clarke since if he did then Clarke from the future would have told our current dead Clarke he was about to be assasinated a long time ago and would have actually survived or maybe avoid being captured by hudson in the first place
  13. You know I MIGHT have agreed with earth but after re reading this topic for the 3rd time I've come to the conclusion that there is some actual evidence he is not the thief. For one he was shot in the head for christ's sake why is there no bullet hole? Next is everyone's beloved "how could he look old here and younger 5 years later?" I doubt he has the same case as benjamin button where u grow younger as the years go by. And his attire if he is what u say a "zombie" why isn't he wearing Clarke's clothes zombies are supposed to be mindless and I've never in my life seen a zombie wear a lab coat using it's instinct. Plus zombies are like I said mindless and they dont take your guns they eat your brains off how would the thief know that stealing your guns is a smart choice when in fact if he is a frigging zombie he wouldn't even know what a gun is anymore. My conclusion is the thief is not a zombie but some sort of delusional psychopath whose probably lost his mind from element 115 and is identity will not be known for now. I can't understand why you can't by the very least CONSIDER the possibility that it isnt clarke. If you ask me you're the troll of your own thread for just simply throwing off other people's ideas and doubts like they're completely meaningless when infact they could be right.
  14. To what I know from cod wikia Peter was sent to investigate verruckt but when he got there the place was already filled with zombies so Peter fought the zombies while investigating. While fighting his left arm was bit so he cut it off to prevent zombification. By the time help arrived Peter had lost his mind due to prolonged exposure to element115 and the zombies to the point of writing on the walls what he knew the people who found him knew that he knows something important so they took him away to Shi no Numa along with the experiment. But once again the zombies broke loose and Peter, knowing his inevitable doom decides to hang himself, and thus the hanging man of Shi no Numa rests in peace(or something)
  15. Well if you count all zombie map that is part if the story there are five(verruckt,Shi no Numa, der riese, kino and five) so that would mean the 6th is ascension right?(the theory is pretty weak I know but well u never know)
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