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  1. this man deserves brains upon brains nice find [brains] [brains] [brains]
  2. gd find could be. it sort of explains the rocket you find in one of the teleporter rooms. which u can activate and it lifts off. there could be more clues in that room
  3. solo is much easier u just gota make sure to group the zombies up
  4. has anyon enoticed the five empty pictures in sams room on the table by the door? one is bigger than the rest and stood up. i will try get a photo to post up.
  5. would b gr8 i have also looked all over but not seen any1 actually no clip into that room and into the boxes. keep me posted cheers
  6. looks like when the teddy bear from the box appears and flies upwards or the rocket in one of the teleporter rooms that goes straight up into the ceiling wierd tho as it doesnt look lyk either of them 2
  7. i have a quick vid of the rocket lift off jst dnt know how to put the vid on here. ( i am a newby) any help people lol
  8. just tried this done both radios and done the rocks and also went round and smashed all the red boxes. dont know if its neccesary but thats what i have done as soon as i teleported into the room i pushed square on the rocket (ps3)and it took off no sound or flames tho. will try again and try to get a photo or something
  9. i doubt there is a giant on the roof people have looked outside the map and not seen anything there. also i was just playing on solo and richtofen says " they are shakin ze roof down" notice he says THEY and not IT. jst another thory tho
  10. ive jst had a look at that post. its not what i was talking about its in the dressing room where u can hear the banging coming from behind the barracades would b good if someone could check it out
  11. i was just wondering if anyone has nocliped (if thats the correct term) into the room where the banging/knocking sound can be heard, once the power ha been turn't on. i have looked all over the internet for this, would be nice to see if there was something alive in there.
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