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  1. This is quite a good theory. It also might link to my plane crash theory which I posted a few mins ago. It would make sense 1 person getting off. Maybe the person gets off in afterlife mode, crashes the plane in TranZit? Maybe the person who escapes is The Avaogadro in TranZit? Seen as though afterlife mode resembles electric capabilities and instant kills zombies, just like The Avogadro in TranZit.
  2. This is an awesome theory! It makes a lot of sense. I really hope TranZit has something to do with all the next map.
  3. Maybe the plane crashed in TranZit. The Avogadro in TranZit could well be the electric afterlife person in MOTD. Also there is a picture of 4 electric chairs saying "Nobody escapes alive" So maybe the EE isn't as easy as we think. Maybe we do indeed build a plane to escape and all, but what if we escape in afterlife mode? I mean it makes more sense seen as though the poster says "Nobody escapes alive" But being a ghost in afterlife can allow us to escape, seen as though ghosts are ment to be unseen. I think we escape in afterlife mode and crash the plane in to tranzit and The Avogadro goes crazy. But if there was 4 of them wouldn't they be 4 electric guys in tranzit? maybe they all combined to create The Avogadro?
  4. Hey guys, I'm Zombrex. You probably don't know me but I used to be on thie forum 24/7 (Mainly just browsing) I used to always come on here for my daily dose of Black Ops EE's. I also got most of my storyline knowledge from here aswell. I haven't been on here for over a year. I was thinking getting back in to Zombies when Black Ops 2 came out, but I thought I'd wait a few weeks until people start gathering info about EE's and storyline. Everyday at college for the past month I have been coming on here just browsing in the TranZit section and such. I actually don't play Xbox anymore but I might have to start playing again as all this shit going on with the N4 and such is CRAZY! But yeah, I just had to come back as I saw about the new DLC going to be released this month. After reading some topics and videos about what might happen in China, how the N4 got there, The return of the O4.. I just HAVE to come back! My passion for Zombies is back! Although I need to refresh my memory which I will be doing all this month up to the release of the new map. I'm going to start playing Xbox again ONLY because of Zombies! Zombies is what brings me BACK! I also want to say hello to the following to members "Arussianmonkey" and "Faust" I don't know if you guys are still active on these forums and you probably don't remember me. But I set up a Moon team on Black Ops 1 when Moon first came out. We all got up at like 6am, downloaded the map which took like 2 hours due to everyone downloading it!, then we tried to find steps and clues on Moon. We actually got pretty far with it, if I can remember correctly we got up the part in Moon where you have to get the "Hacker Device" until NGT caught us up... but it was fun! The old days were so good I hope I get this "Old feelin" Back when I start banging out Zombies again, and also Happy New Year! (bit late i know aha) ROLL ON #BO2ZOMBIES2013. ITS GUNNA BE ONE HELL OF A YEAR! PEACE!
  5. Hi guys I'm Zombrex, I haven't been a very active or "well-known" member but I made 1 or 3 important posts and spoke and played with Arussianmonkey and Faust who are both well known here at CoDz. Now recently I have been getting back into Zombies and I needed to refresh my memory so I rememberd CoDz, and wow this website has changed alot! I like the new layout and everything it looks pretty epic! anyway I remembered I had a account on here so I logged in and read a few new threads and all and jogged my memory. I'll be here for a while now since my exams have finished and it is the holidays now, so I have been thinking of making a few useful posts and threads about BO2 Zombies (carn't f*****g wait for zombies!) I'll also be doing a few eater egg runs with people from here and a few youtube videos. I'll also be on the lookout for things what might have been missed out because now that we know half the story and moon has left us on a cliffhanger. But yeah it feels great to be back, I won't be going anywhere soon! feel free to add me on skype: originalrexx or xbox: Lets Go RexX Peace out CoDz! [brains]
  6. August 23rd, 2011 UK & Ireland - 10:00 AM Eastern - 5:00 AM Central - 4:00 AM Mountain - 3:00 AM Pacific - 2:00 AM Alaska - 1:00 AM Hawaii - 11:00 AM Australia - 7:00 PM Also, Rumour has it if you go on xbox.com 2 hours before realease you can download the maps straight to your xbox 2 hours earlier, Don't know if thats true so don't take my word for it.
  7. Please visit this thread i created if you are intrested, viewtopic.php?f=13&t=16016 Thanks, - Zombrex
  8. Hey guys, I'm new hear I joined because I'm a big fan of Treyarch's Zombie Series. I'm looking forward to the new map pack what is ment to be realeased in may aswell. I hope the new Zombie map is wicked like ascension!
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