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  1. After the skins used in game were posted, any similarities between him and Clarke were thrown out the window. Even if they were the same, that arguement is as valid as Richtofen being Amsel. Yes, the four heroes of Nazi Zombies share skins with characters from WaW's campaign. Your other big arguement is their hairline and Thief's stubble. I don't know you, or your age, but something you must understand is that facial hair is something every man has. Let's not grasp at straws here. I presented an analyses on their facial structure when the skins were posted. I'm no plastic surgeon but
  2. You might have a point there. I've never actually had a good look at Speed Cola. Is there anything to suggest that the drink itself is green?
  3. The quote is Takeo's. "Oh... sounds like a BIG monster is attacking the building!" It's a reference to Godzilla and other kaiju films that first started appearing around the time Kino der Toten takes place.
  4. Except there's nothing to suggest this in Nazi Zombies. The radio messages in Der Riese explain the zombies came from failed teleportation experiments. Sorry but yes there is something to suggest this. You shoot the head of a zombie off in the game and it dies, it may keep moving for a little bit but if you watch it, it will walk a little ways and die without you needing to do anymore damage. Of course they continue moving, that's not what I was talking about. See bolded part.
  5. Except there's nothing to suggest this in Nazi Zombies. The radio messages in Der Riese explain the zombies came from failed teleportation experiments.
  6. Alright, now here's something to work with. Upon closer examination the Thief looks nothing like Clarke. The only similarity is the equation on their faces. Even if you were to account for one being older than the other, their noses, ears, and lips are shaped differently.
  7. I always took Nikolai's quote as parody. Richtofen's quote ends with "pulminary systems" while Nikolai says "hormonary systems".
  8. I don't know about the texture on the wall but in that first picture that thing on the left looks pretty gruesome.
  9. This is one of the better ideas I've heard on this board. Maybe instead of Sam we could get Porter. It would be funny to see him berate the regular Ray Gun when he gets it out of the Mystery Box, possibly talking about wanting to upgrade it.
  10. What theme? A backwards timeline juxtaposed onto Nacht Der Untoten and the trip from Der Riese to Kino does not make a theme. The theme is zombies. Time travel is a plot device. With that said, I highly disagree about the Thief being a character from the campaign as the campaign and zombie storie's are independant of eachother. Instead I will point to another thread for the true identity of the Thief. The Pentagon Thief is really
  11. lol I don't know, every group needs a straight man. When the other three are a meathead, a drunkard, and a psychopath Takeo's silence is refreshing. :)
  12. A reason people might feel Takeo will be the one to die could be from the new Shi No Numa message where he finds Nikolai's vodka. He doesn't say a word during the whole message, which also ends with Dempsey saying, "Aw come on Tak, suck it up and walk it off." This implies Takeo is injured. Granted, the entire team has suffered some injuries by the time of Kino Der Toten. Nikolai even has a bloodied bandage on his arm. I don't beleive we'll be losing any of our boys in Ascension. However, with the extensive teleporting the team has been doing, Richtofen is the most likely to go since he h
  13. Hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums. I've lurked around for a while and decided now was the time to throw my two cents in. The Thief is a pain in the rear but extremely easy once you know how to deal with him. This little tidbit GermanZombiefreak provided has some juicy information regarding the Thief, but alot of it is simple symmetry. Most of this is stuff we've come to know from the Pentagon Thief. The bolded part intruiges me. I've never tried throwing the Monkey Bomb at the Thief since I'm too busy running. Is the Thief distracted by the Monkey Bomb? If
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