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  1. nick i'm down someone get me send takeo
  2. in ascension i love all the quotes nick makes but my fav dempsey is when the teddy bear shows up and he says first u take my money then u fly away ....BITCH then when he pap a gun he says everyone doesnt like takeo but u always need that stale guy :lol:
  3. winter's howl suxz played with it the first tyme ever and was not pleased whether had dg-2
  4. hey want to get the bigg easter egg done jus need 4 ppl GT:stevobrickhead1 jus add and will play anytime jus send invite
  5. u r suppose to spell LUNA this dude showed me on youtube he has a channel and here the video http://www.youtube.com/user/xGooooNzz#p/u/0/zVd9V6jytG8
  6. on the glowing box with four lights try and do the same character to the dolls at the same tyme maybe that will help
  7. i kno brutha amen cause im gonna be super piss if it dont that sucks if i got to wait till 4 am central time its jus not fair :(
  8. the second pic down to the right if u look close it looks like the speed cola machine
  9. that is a great theory but explain them going into the future and being confused
  10. yea i made it to rd 43 and it took me 7 hours that sucked so i think it is phsically impossible so f#%^ cheaters them bastards :evil:
  11. that doesnt make since because tha crawlers r infected with it
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoFMzFZk4CM I made it to Rd 43 but during my run around i found this knocking sound that scared me and i recorded it off my girls phone but was wondering wat yall thought about it [brains]
  13. [brains] does anybody know if there is a 3rd radio because i noticed everything comes in threes like the meteors and the filmreels? :?:
  14. Merry Christmas really ready to visit der riese for a couple hours hope sam got me a gift better than fluffy after round 20 lol [brains]
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