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  1. Blood stains cover the entire map, HIGHLY doubtful that they hold any significant meaning; and you never gave us an explanation :cry: next time tell us why you think they are important :)
  2. That could have been a trap however since it was received around the time that Mason, Hudson and Weaver were burnt. So now that the CIA was hunting them down they could have tried to trick them into a trap to capture them. I just think it was unlikely he survived all those grenades that close to his body.
  3. Seems kind of illogical really, i cant see why Treyarch would put such an easter egg into the map, especially considering it would be impossible to pass between the first and second floors anymore without the use of the teleporters, i'm sure it's just the standard sign put into elevators telling the riders of the maximum occupancy limit so that the elevator doesn't malfunction. Most likely its insignificant.
  4. The characters never lost their long-term memories, just their short-term memories which includes only how they got to shi nu numa and the tests performed by group 935. Rictohfen calls them this in the loading screen for Kino der Toten, at this point in time there are no other three people helping him kill zombies that he could refer to.
  5. Hmm that doesn't seem coincidental, that seems like an amazing find that is definetely worth the time to research, which i will go do now [brains] for this Edit: didn't find much except that the street name you arrive on when search is named Henry Hudson the Hudson thing caught my eye but doesn't seem too significant
  6. I still don't know why everyone thinks this woman and her message relates to the zombies, it makes me wonder if anyone has played the campaign this is the woman that *spoilers use highlight function* awakens the sleeper agents, after you beat the game you see her turn on the radio and read out the code, you then hear Mason deciphering the code and a picture of him in what looks like an assassination attempt directed towards Kennedy, so her purpose is to tell people to kill Kennedy not give us zombie map pack clues
  7. Even if the boxes dealt with time travel, time travelling in a game seems unlikely (by this i mean they cant really deal with time travel), and as for the ballistic knife idea i cant see why it would differ just to knife, grenade, or the shoot the box with anything else :?
  8. The whole time travel thing is pretty well known by now, the DG-2 overloaded the teleporter and sent our beloved zombie killers to the future, the reason being is so that Treyarch could bring in the Black Ops guns without there being plot holes, even though its a bit cliche
  9. Dogs spawn on 5-8 and come every 5-4 rounds But everything else does seem to coincide with the number 6, especially on five, if you look at the teleporters the only stationary number you see is a 6 and there are quite a few of them, all i can think of is 666
  10. Red boxes have nothing to do with this, you can hit the radios and three projectors in any order and you will get all five messages
  11. Sophia not Samantha, Sophia was Maxis's assistant, either way it seems unlikely it would be anyone from the zombies storyline
  12. She is the woman who awakens the sleeper agents, the code word to draw the agents attention and begin the awakening is ascension, the numbers give the agents their directs and the knowledge to carry out the plans, its all has to do with the campaign not zombies as far as i know Did no one play the campaign? :mrgreen:
  13. That's actually just a recreation of the little dance of pain he does in the furnace on Der Riese, nothing too significant.
  14. This sounds like the most far-fetched theory every imagined, for one that would be an infinite round camping area, and even if you could go through the doors up top there are no rooms to enter (as seen with no-clip) Personally i think someone has been smoking something very potent while playing zombies, and i would like to borrow some
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