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  1. I was coming on here to post this same shit happened to me i was pissed! glad im not the only one.
  2. '5. There are 6 weapons when PAP'd become 115 weapons. a) G11 becomes G115 Generator (hmm being 6 generators on map) MP5K becomes the MP115 Kollider c) HK21 becomes the H115 Oscillator d) RPK becomes the R115 Resonator e) Dragunov becomes the D115 Dissassembler f) L9186 (i think) becomes the L115 Isolator.' what if we had too shoot 1 power box with each upgraded ' 115 ' guns? thoughts?
  3. pause 3ed video at 12 seconds harry potter made the ray gun!
  4. what the spoiler mean dont be a doche tell the whole spoiler not just a liitle bit of it :]

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