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  1. I think that has been attempted before. I'm pretty sure people have tried EMP's and Ray Guns and Semtexes as well. I'd try throwing an emp through the top window and seeing what happens. Worth a shot.
  2. Later on tonight ill go take a look in Theatre mode and write down everything I see and post here. Maybe we can solve this. Although it might just end up like the 'Grim Reaper' guy on Kino. Oh well, worth a shot.
  3. Quick question, extremely relative to this. What the hell does the electric trap do? From what i've heard, it doesn't really have any practical uses. But Treyarch wouldn't have put it in if it didn't have a purpose. Everything Treyarch does has a purpose. **I got black ops 2 btw, I can now join on the hunt **
  4. I need someone to try this, whoever is updated on the easter egg. That sound after the TV in the house at the Farm. It sounds like a door opening. After that has happened, someone try something with the church. That church is damn fishy and there is something up with it. I don't have the game so there is nothing i can do. Its up to you guys. ================================== I also believe that the church could arrive after the obelisk table thingy is solved. Alternatively, the church could be the thing we need to solve the Obelisk Table.
  5. I honestly do not think that there is a secret bus stop. People could've found out by now. Might have to get a PC user to noclip around the map and see what they can find.
  6. I do not know if you guys know at all, but there are two more guns with 115 in its name when it is PaP'd from World At War.
  7. Yes, this has definitely happened to me, but not the lag part, because I never do online zombies. But I do notice that in No Mans Land after you screen is still clear you can get downed and that you should wait and extra 2 seconds or so. Maybe this is caused by the sound that makes them start running?! Maybe they get a little bit stronger causing the swipes to take longer to heal. - Baz
  8. Seriously, please watch this video and listen in carefully. It will tell you that Richtofen teleported from Der Riese to Moon and built the Dome there. So moon must come after Der Riese. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv ... ion_838002 Anyway listen to it, for me it put all of the pieces of the zombie storyline together in one big piece.
  9. Lol K. Please post it as PSN next time just so I know! I cant play right now tho. Just got banned I will let you know when I can go on
  10. But the commando looks smaller than the MP5K and it doesent have Dual Mag unless its PaP'd and cleary it isnt due to the camo!
  11. I GOT A PICTURE OF IT ZOMG! You guyz tell me what you think about this! Its the one on the right. And the one on the left too. The one on the right looks like a Commando but the Commando is a very big gun and it couldn't be that small. The one on the second to the left looks a bit like a Mac-11. Please tell me what you think and your theory! If these aren't new guns ill take off the topic. Please tell me what you think! From, Your Boy, Bazza *EDIT* Is the pic working? Lol
  12. That happens if you go too far away from the Crawler, the game will then Spawn a new zombies fully healed to take its place.
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