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  1. Haha, just thought id share this. I got to round 23 by myself using only the m1911, and bowie knife. After making it to the power and getting jug it was pretty easy sailing till about 20. haha, downed myself once with mustang. sally was more trustworthy
  2. Anyone noticed the paper under the stairs leading up from the stage to the room with the meteor? its on the bottom half before the stairs double back on themselves. about 2-3 stairs down, ull see it through the gap inbetween each stair. tried to make it out but couldnt entirely tell. looked somewhat scientifical, could be important. Also, theres a light in the window by the stakeout in the slight of hand room (green soda machine). it significantly gets bigger when youre closer to it. Start back by the table, watch the light, and walk towards the window. You should see the light jump in size. Only reason i think it might be significant is its also flashing. morse code?
  3. Papers and trash bags around the map. also, has anyone tried green, red x6, then turn the power on? Grrrrrr Possibly spawns something out of that big ominous door on the back of the stage? how theres huge roars when u turn on the power, building shakes, etc. Maybe if u hit the boxes Green, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, then something (judging from the grim reaper blood stain on the big door i mentioned) breaks thru the door when u turn on the power? Ill go try it now, and post back asap edit: nothing happened =( although i didnt activate anything else around the map. btw, whats up with all the grim-reaper like bloodstains around the map? idk if theyre actually grim reaper, but thats what it looks like to me. ones ik of are on the big boarded door on the stage, in a window in the alley, and the isolated downstairs window in the starting room
  4. Alright, so in the window by the... stakeout, i believe, in the room with the quick reload soda, theres a light on the right wall when looking through the window. Its flashing. could be moarse code? I havent noticed any other flashing lights besides the one on the power switch, and the random sparks flying from things around the map. Also, the light gets bigger when u get closer to the window. (no, not gradually because youre getting closer. its small, gradually gets bigger, then jumps even bigger.) At first i dismissed it because i figured it was probably a glitch of some sort. then the game ended a few hours later. Couple days later, i go back to the same spot, and the lights still acting funny, so theres no way its just a glitch. A glitch wouldnt happen the exact same way after having played something else, turned the xbox off, played more zombies, checking again, and having it still there.
  5. Alright, for all those history lovers out there, you probably already know about the manhattan project. For those of you who dont enjoy history that much, but want to find the secret behind zombies, here's a link. Obviously anybody willing to help and read this wall of a text, feel free. I'm too lazy and have a lot to do, otherwise I'd disect this myself. Besides, the extra viewpoints will help straighten things out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project or here http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Usa/Med/Med.html or just google "manhattan project" and see what else you can find oh yeah, post your findings here, this whole thread will all just be about the Manhattan Project and things that may be sparked off of it. -Thanks :)
  6. Whered you get the two? and the "beware of the 6" just refers to the nova crawlers. Problem with treyarch is they add some things that are plain and simple, and other things have deep meaning, but they're all pretty vague. Not a history person, so i dont know what the manhattan project was (ik, pretty dumb) but ill go research it right now and see if i can come up with any relations to zombies. Ill post it in another thread if i happen to come across anything. Edit* Just googled "manhatt" and "manhattan ufo" was one of the suggestions. So I guess there could be 3 things "manhattan" refers to. Manhattan project Manhattan Ufo or just the city Manhattan Edit again. Turns out they were just balloons, but who knows, maybe treyarch wanted to twist the story into it actually being a UFO. Ill get researching the manhattan project now
  7. theyve got nazi's and all, and if they did bring religious figures in, im sure theyd find a way to bring it in descretely. Like the crawling zombies. If you think about it, they could be like the Jews.
  8. Hmm, all true. Still don't know if these are significant or not haha. Darn treyarch for being so tricky on all their doings. I think they should release the entire story once the zombies are all dead and gone, sort of as a parting gift :)
  9. Theres three? I wonder if maybe Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo each stand in a different green light while Dr Rictoffen (sp?) does something else special, something would get triggered? Possibly shoots the green powerbox in the alley? But what would happen?
  10. somebody mentioned something about a circuit breaker outside the map having six switches. We should find out (by having one person watch the circuit breaker, and another break open a box) if the breaker has anything to do with the boxes. If it does, we know for sure the boxes have something suspicious going on with them. If not, it doesn't mean theres nothing up with them, just means that breaker has nothing to do with it. Also, somebody said something about a green powerbox? Maybe after you shoot all 6 red ones, then shoot the green one, the switches will flip (on the circuit breaker). OR, shoot the green one first, then all 6 red ones. spelling out "Grrrrrr"
  11. you referring to all the speculation on how to "open" der reise? crazy theories, but thats why I love zombies :D
  12. Walking around Kino, I've noticed that there are a few areas that have a greenish hue to them, the one I first noticed was on the back of the stage across from the power switch, to the right of the claymores (if you're looking at them). There appears to be a spotlight shining on this corner, but no spotlight to be found. There also appears to be rectangular cutouts along the wall. I dont know if this is significant, or if I just missed the spotlight, but I dont think I missed it. Theres a spotlight flashing on the powerswitch, which is kind of important, so this unexplained light could be important as well.
  13. In my opinion the sillohuette (sp?) looks like Dempsey. Could be Peter, Peter was american, wasn't he? Maybe Peter replaces Dempsey in one of the future map packs?
  14. Its "manhattan down" proof is the fact that on the loading screen sometimes it says "MANHATTAN DOWN!!" in the lttle tip corner in the bottom left
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