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    BIG secret on Kino???

    the creative lead for zombies on treyarch said that after all they did there is no limit to the random things they can put it there, and that came out of his mouth. who are YOU, just some random person that probably isnt good at nazi zombies, nor has helped in decoding clues to say whether or not there is a cosmic silverback? not everyone thinks the boss ( if there is one) is a cosmic silverback but there is one in DoA and there are quotes about it in the loading screen, AND basically no information about it. so howabout you keep your smallminded opinions to yourself.
  2. JdoubleA

    BIG secret on Kino???

    "ohh hurrdurr i noclipped in there" do you guys seriously think they would put a cosmic silverback on the roof so you bafoons can go up and see it? NO the creative lead of zombies said that there is a boss, it comes when you guys stop arguing about noclip and actually get good at the game so you can make it to the boss which is reserved for people who can make it to the 70's and THEN HE SPAWNS why would they spawn an enemy before youre even SUPPOSED to see it? you dont noclip and see gas zombies UNTILL AFTER you turn on the power so why would it be any different? whatever the boss is, i believe its the silverback.

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