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  1. I always thought it was presumed, it even says it on the wiki it is a presumed death never new it was confirmed, anyway isn't that all the more reason for Samantha to get revenge? It's zombies! anything can happen!
  2. 1: Dr.Maxis is dead 2: Why? Please explain how. 3: Not even answering... 4: Yes, but the Zombies are destroyed, or at least most of them. And Richtofen's plan is finished. Now he is possessed. 1. It has always be assumed and presumed that Maxis is dead, there is no actual proof that Maxis is actually dead 2.Havn't you been following the big EE's Takeo and sam specifically vow to take revenge 3.Most of the underground bunkers would be unaffected, also time travel is still a significant factor 4.The zombies are still well and active, wether it be past or present, moon or earth, there is a theory that the nukes contained masses of element 115 witch only increased the mutate, also Richtofen is not possessed just simply switched bodies/souls with Samantha so now he is in control of the zombies side note: I personally feel they are getting ready to launch a new era of zombies with a fresh new look, with things like the new fire sale jingle and zombies having blue eyes
  3. It's an internet forum, not a spelling test. Please be more constructive and use that clever brain of you have work on some actual decent topics, which have relevance to the actual sites main topic.
  4. As you can see from the blown up picture below, just above the hand to the left there is a figure which looks like the silverback, it has the same stance but I'm not sure about the face, I've lost my glasses would someone give it a once over and clarify if that's the silverback?
  5. I'm sorry but these are not monkeys, they are Baboons, if you look and research they have an identical stature and movement style to a baboon, also they have bigger faces/front body and as the body goes further down it gets thinner. So these are probably the new "species" Treyarch are talking about, and to be honest i'm quite dissapointed if it really is just Baboons Note: they are zombified so facially they may look slightly different
  6. The Vr11 is crazy... I pauses the video down frame by frame and found this... It shoots some kind of flame, or ray which hits the target Eventually morphing them back into what looks like a normal human, with light skin, suit glasses and hairstyle Maybe its what you get when it's pack a punched?
  7. It's majorly fake, it's from the same trolls who created Henry Langham, it's a shame nobody else realizes because they got everyone over at the CoD HQ in a trance trying to break this fake code
  8. Personally I don't think they will introduce anymore perks anytime soon, they have only just added two new perks in the last map pack, but this is Treyarch so watch this space!
  9. Josh Olin, I choose you! Josh Olin used twitter! http://twitter.com/JD_2020/status/4568206505 Twitter was critically effective.
  10. Using the word impossible as to reference to nazi zombies is completley obsurd. I'm also very dissapointed you can't recognise your perk machines.
  11. I just typed in silverback render into google and a whole bunch of zombie looking gorillas came up, i spose i could of shopped a suit on and made it look better but that's effort, as for your advise, i've already passed i just go in to do photoshoots and editing for the website, i'm lazing round allday today, i'm going to make a serious one this time.
  12. This is FAN MADE ART, made in a spare 10 minutes of mine when i was bored at college, can you spot everything? If that dont work then http://i53.tinypic.com/2570rr7.png
  13. I know for certain there's nothing on KDT, as should everyone else, Can't stop us from speculating for future map packs or general theories, it keeps the mind fresh.
  14. I doubt they would just throw that map in for fun....that's what DOA is for, moreover i think there is more to "Five" than anyone knows, there's a few easter eggs found already with notes, boards,maps etc I think it is a crucial part of the whole time travel part of the story, don't cut it out as being useless to the storyline yet, people were finding easter eggs months after the Der Reise release, i'm sure many things are yet to be found.
  15. I think we are all in for a real treat in future map packs, That sound and roar is an easter egg maybe added in simply just a sound and a little animation to get us thinking and discussing what it could possibly be. I think it's a hint at what to expect maybe in map pack 1, or it will reveal itself a little bit more every new map that is released, then on the final map pack, BAM, Nice big ass boss to take out.
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