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  1. Those are some pretty strong narcotics buddy. It is a joke like Five. Five had a magazine pointing to ascension so CotD can have a few hints here and there. I like joke maps. It allows them to do whatever they want without consequences. New game mechanics are always fun. Though zombies can't sell me any more CoD anyway. Last time I get ripped off. BFBC2 all the way.
  2. You're a horrible person.
  3. Teddy Bears have been in COD since COD1.
  4. You have obviously never played a single battlefield game. If you play on PC you get the greatest team work ever and randoms on Battlefield aren't pricks like the ones on cod.
  5. It wasn't funny. What made you laugh? I love how money was spent on this instead of connection problems.
  6. Isn't it funny how BO has been out for about 6 months and hasn't fixed its server problems but BF:BC2 fixes their problems within the week.
  7. I won the map pack on release day just as class ended, my phone can read my email. Though I play on the 360 so it meant nothing. I just sold it to my friend.
  8. Wow. I'm so glad I switched back to MW2. BO was buggy when it was released and everyday it gets worse and worse. Then Treyarch blames us for their bad servers and us complaining.
  9. Why would they keep working on it? Their dedication surprises me. It would probably mean something if the glitchers and hackers didn't switch to BO.
  10. the multiplayer is fun unless you run into the people who trash talk u, camp, or spray with there little AK74u's. its still fun anyway Not when you suffer because of a crappy host, or even worse the games horrible servers. It never registers half of my shots. Yet despite how Josh Olin says it is my fault for having bad connection, I can play BF:BC2 which has 24 people running around on huge maps that are changing every half-second and not experience a single problem.
  11. CCCP is USSR spelled in Russian. Phd is just a title.
  12. Patcher has been wrong many times in the past. HE thought the 3DS would be 300$, there was going to be a Wii HD, and many other completely wrong predictions.
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