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  1. Although I think it is probably just the technical aspect of putting it in the game, I like your ideas! [brains] for outside the box thinking no pun intended there.
  2. So when I was playing recently I noticed something that may be of significance. When watching the monitor to see where the mystery box is located, the triangle symbol from the computer during activation of the first node flashed up on the screen. It seems to do it at random points. Not sure if this is some kind of conection or just a way to help people notice the nodes in the first place. Has anyone else noticed? It could be worth investigating.
  3. We did Samantha - nothing happened :(
  4. The White box you are talking about is a light. Video Proof at 4:45ish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQZ0O5mToak Sorry to burst your bubble Also the howling at the speed cola is for the buttons on Monkey rounds, I am guessing you are either getting the sound a bit early or incorrectly remembering where you were at in the process.
  5. I was exploring the map recently and noticed what I believe is a second Casimir device. If you are near the speed cola machine and can look outside the map (in the same direction as looking at the speed cola machine) there is a large crane holding up something. On the ground below is what looks like a Casimir device. You can see the 4 nodes. I am going to try to get a scoped weapon to confirm, but if someone can get to it before me, it may be worth a look.
  6. I saw one too! They don't look very nice. Quite the contrary. You shouldn't say they, it's a llittle to spoilerish. Let me help you
  7. I saw a Cosmic Silver back! i won't say when or where or how, but I saw it.
  8. There could be mulitple types of animals if they continued the animal testing after the dogs!
  9. Just no one post anything about anything at anytime anywhere. Shut down the site.
  10. I believe the Wager matches all have set classes and guns, I am not sure if you can choose perks.
  11. It must be for the reveal. Not sure what is going on
  12. Also noticed that is you visit www.callofduty.com/blackops I am getting percent spinning up to 100 and then stalling. Anyone else seeing this or am i just on a slow connection?
  13. So I tried visiting http://www.callofduty.com/beta and it now redirects to a protected stie http://blackopsredesign.atvi.2advanced.com/ username and password are required on my end. Anyone else get this * Edit www.callofduty.com/beta
  14. Thanks for the twitter tutorial. Still working on getting the hang of it, LOL!
  15. From his Twitter account he signs as waynenoobton and we know that WayneNoobton was one of the players in the game.
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