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  1. Er... he was voiced by Tom Kane, dude. Acctually, Tom Kane voiced Yoda too. He voiced him in The Clone Wars Series and a lot of SW Video gmaes ;)
  2. Just me and my cousin messing around and recording some glitches and easter eggs on zombies and Multiplayer oDdsZWMLl2Y wOGw5T2COmA dWyTtuoiORE I'm the one with the glasses and the spikey haired one is my Cousin Bradley Sorry about the crappy quality, They were recorded from an ipod 4 :S
  3. i thought they where SR-71's? :? I dunno, numbers confuse me :lol:
  4. I could've sworn this was in the Ascension poster?
  5. Ew. My Childhood has been ruined by CODING. :shock: But yeah, we need someone who can actually get into the game code and have a look for themselves.
  6. Nice idea! Just thinking, maybe a stick or baton as the first weapon?
  7. I have the best song ever for zombies: Save yourself I'll hold them back by MCR XD
  8. BLOODY SCREEN! REALISM! EA And their marketing campaigns....
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