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  1. Ok so I did some research, and I was skeptic that Takeo was in the chamber, or was just not heard. It turns out it was him throwing up, because of Richofen's quote, "Well that is what you get for eating raw fish!"

    In Ascension, Takeo says that teleporting causes him to get sick to his stomach, which explains why he's explaining why he's out of action.

    Just some things I found for all you!

  2. Sounds like the single player combo to me.

    ya there the same. Trust me, I've already done the easter egg.

    They're not. I've gotten to that step and tried it. Nothing.

    Also, I can't even get the characters to talk on coop.

    They are, maybe you didn't do one of the steps right or something, but I have all the video proof that they are. IDK why they wont talk for you, something must not be right.

  3. So while attempting the easter egg today and listening to our original crew talk, I never once heard Takeo say a thing.

    Could he dead? Probably not, but you'd think he'd at least say something about honor or sushi at some point. Then again, I have yet to finish it. So perhaps you guys might know otherwise?

    Ya, I never heard him once either. I think that the voice actor couldn't be there for the making. I don't think he's dead though.

  4. I think that it just goes along with the 'Paradise' theme, and in the upper right hand corner you do see a leaf, I think it is just there to tell us that there's an Easter Egg within this map.

    ALTHOUGH, on the left corner is the ascension picture, the map before. So maybe this does signify the map after.

    I still think it's the Shi No Numa loading screen, as i posted.

    The leaves are similar, but not the same. Not to mention the SNN one doesn't have a building in the background and the mystery one does. I think it's Area 51. :P

  5. man i figured this whole easter egg out and had the golden rod in my possesion in co op. but when the round started we got cornered and died (we didnt have jugernaut lol). we were pretty pissed. gonna try it again tonight. your lighthouse algorithim should make it much easier/faster! thanks :D

    Ya that algorithm makes it foolproof and it goes by pretty fast. Thanks for the support!

  6. PROS:

    The Easter Egg. i finished it (steps in sig) and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

    The fact that incorporated the older characters.

    The wide open areas in the spawn.

    I am in between with the new characters, but I like them more than I hate them.


    Too large of a map. I feel it takes forever to get to one place.

    No dog/monkey round. It kinda angers me that I can't rely on every 5 rounds to get a max ammo. If they tried to make this map harder, they succeeded.

    With how large it it, there are MANY doors, each costing about 1000, it costs a bunch to move around this map.

    The box is in sooo many locations.

    Jug is quite a walk.

    No frag's on any walls.

    George makes no sense as far his presence, he is really just a hassle sometimes, and you can't really get much from him.

    The V-R11 is a waste, I like it for the Easter Egg, but it's useless otherwise.

    These are all the ones that come to my head right now.

  7. I think that it just goes along with the 'Paradise' theme, and in the upper right hand corner you do see a leaf, I think it is just there to tell us that there's an Easter Egg within this map.

    ALTHOUGH, on the left corner is the ascension picture, the map before. So maybe this does signify the map after.

  8. The guy has also posted another supposed zombie map name, and other multiplayer map names. there are 4 MP map names that have not been seen before, So I think we *May* only get 3 Black Ops DLC maps

    I also want to point out that the maps have come out on the first tuesday of every month they release. It has been two months, since first strike, and two months after this release leaves us to the first tuesday in August (If i remember). Then, 2 months after that is the first tuesday in november, which would be the next COD release

    two months from may is july though not August, maybe they will wait till August though

  9. First and foremost, I do not claim this as real or that I believe it. It was from a sketchy source (Se7en Sins) saying he hacked the game files, this is what he said he found, again just showing what was said, not claiming any truth to this:

    The New Perk:

    Called Deadshot Daiquiri. "Deadshot"

    The New Weapons:

    V-R11 "Humangun"

    Turns Zombies into Humans.

    V-R11 Lazarus

    The V-R11 Upgraded.


    Explosive Sniper.

    Hyena Infra-dead

    The Scavenger upgraded.

    Semtex Grenade

    Sticky Grenade

  10. Ok so after watching videos, reading the forums, etc., do you think that this will be a "FIVE" like map with basically no connections to the Zombie story or do you think that entails more than we think? I currently can't tell, I am torn between them. My mind says they aren't connected, but my Zombie-lovin heart dies for it to be! I like the idea of they are off making a movie and came upon 115 and it turned into chaos. We know that somehow, they came in contact with it because of the modern zombies (crew members) that you can see wandering around.

    What do you guys think? Is it connected or not?

  11. There are spots all over this map that when you walk by then, you hear a weird banging noise. For me, I always hear it when I come from Stamin-Up, go down the small stairs (with the main room on your right) and then back up the next set of small stairs and its the wall straight ahead. I get groans from there all the time.

  12. Hey, thanks for reading this guys, I am breaking down briefly but precisely what I like, dislike, and all that jazz about this new map, “Call of the Dead.”

    First and foremost, Call of the Dead is set in a mysterious, ice-covered, remote Siberian island and inspired by legendary writer and director George A. Romero, a group of four fearless explorers fight for their lives amidst an army of bloodthirsty Soviet zombies.

    After reading that, it sounds cool already. After watching 2 videos, the Official Trailer and the Inside Xbox Breakdown, it is easily the biggest map in Zombies ever, and most likely multiplayer. While not all of it is playable, it’s still huge. Even the playable areas beat out Ascension by about 4x I think. While the perks that are for sure back are Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Double Tap, there is also a new perk. We aren’t sure exactly what it does, but personally i think it locks on to heads easier or something, I can't tell yet and it's quite open for interpretation.

    To accompany a new perk, there is also a new wonder weapon (assuming it’s a wonder weapon) that shoots what looks like fire and it actually turns the Zombies into humans! Maybe they pull out a small weapon and defend with you, but when Pack-A-Punched, it pulls out a heavier weapon??

    I am so excited for this map. I have been quite angered with the lack of story in the Black Ops Zombies maps and I was really hoping that this map would be a revolutionary one, but I suppose we will have to wait until Map Pack 3 for that. Although I was right about the fact that there will be new weapons, perk, etc., I was wrong about the impact it would have in the overall story. I’m about at an 8.7/10 in terms of excitement for this map, but it would easily be 10/10 if they brought back Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai, but I think a fun, laid-back map is good for Zombies right now, but if the next one isn’t story related, say uh-oh Treyarch. Being a die-hard Zombies fan, I swear to always buy any Zombies map pack, whether I will be happy with them or not is a different story, but I will always buy them and support Zombies. Comment with what your thoughts on the map are and lets get pumped for May 3rd!!

  13. Well, the escalation map pack just got confirmed!

    In the article "4 new playable zombies characters" are confirmed.

    So, could the article about the women that plays buffy the vampire slayer and the others playing zombies characters be true?

    Article here: http://majornelson.com/2011/04/11/call-of-duty-black-ops-escalation-game-add-on/

    Article about the rumoured characters: http://tacticalinsertiongaming.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/black-ops-zombie-dlc-map-to-feature-danny-trejo/

    Get speculating guys!

    I must thank you LiamFTWinter for posting out article on here and on your video, it's much appreciated!!

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