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    CoDz Zombie Video Contest ENTRIES

    GREETINGS! Make sure to check out my NEW YouTube channel for awesome contests and giveaways http://www.youtube.com/user/DarthChronikus Hope you enjoy the video... LIKE - COMMENT - SUBSCRIBE 96wb02nqsks
  2. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    you are a loser with no common sense and no ability to reason and read between the lines BRING IT ZOMBITCH
  3. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Do you read ANY of my posts, or do you just automatically get defensive??... Stop Hating. That is basically exactly what i said about the nacht, it has nothing to do with the real story, never did never will, but thats just how treyarch likes to mess with us. All complete dialogues available on youtube http://youtu.be/GEYsl6tR2Sw. Fact: they all lost their memories AFTER leaving shinonuma, except for richtofen. Players dialogue reveal and general part of the storyline that they lost their memory from 115 exposure... remember the giant meteor?? (check tank dempsey dialogue on ascension for some real interesting dialogue regarding Ric and shino and the whole memory loss plotline) Fact: the players would have no recollection of peter because peter died at shino, after shino they lose their memories and go to derriese where maxis was and would have known him or known of him. and from derriese they teleport to kino in the near future where maxis had previously worked on the zombies and (presumably)dg3 thunder gun... a pretty great gun "A GREAT MAN" would have built. *note*: (it is important not to get peters timeline confused here bc peter went from verruckt to derriese to shino the players went shino to derriese to kino) Fact: The only ones that know about the teleporter capable of time travel is richtofen and tank,nik,tak. revealed in the intro to kino on solo and player dialogue. Fact: the events on ascension are happening at the same time as the events in 'five' The red phones on ascension will randomly ring and you can hear the 'five' characters calling from the zombie outbreak at the pentagon...Need some beans for the chawder here! Fact: The events in derriese and kino are taking place in nazi germany and the events in ascension/five are taking place cold war era and the only ones capable of time travel are the four heros, which also blows the theory that the DG3 Thundergun was built in the cosmodrome it was built by maxis in kino(with the help of a russian or russians??) Fact: The only one that could be 'the thief' coming out of aether thru the americans teleporter are maxis sam yuri or whoever is trapped in aether (fluffy is not the pentagon thief, sam is not, yuri is skinny tall lanky dude seen in the ascension picture, so who could it be???) THEREFORE: the picture has to be Dr. Maxis, and the Thief is Maxis as well Maxis is gonna become one of the main characters I am predicting... we will just have to wait and see unless of course treyarch is just raping us and laughing:/ You know why you don't waste gun powder on a black bird, because you cant eat crow. So why am I gonna keep shooting it if I cant eat it, Your a dam fool. Spam? Fuq Off
  4. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Man you are annoying... Nacht der untoten is the end if you play the iphone app richtofen turns into a zombie and dies with no other comrades, and treyarch has admitted that map has nothing to do with the storyline other than that, it is the end of the story now, what used to be the beginning is now the end, and thats how they mess with us. Go back and read my posts you fool, you have to use deductive reasoning because they dont just come out and say oh yeah this who the picture is. noone besides richtofen knows who peter is because their memories were wiped clean at shinonuma when richtofen experimented with the 115 on them and peter was already dead at shi no. STOP ANNOYING ME YOU NEWB
  5. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Ricgtofen turns into a zombie/dies at the very beginning of nacht der untoten this is only revealed in the iphone version and that is the VERY END of the story nacht der untoten is the very end in the storyline (confirmed)
  6. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    where is this pic from...? Yes man... Nice, I believe this is from DerReise and it is of a VERY YOUNG maxis
  7. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    ??? there is evidence for everything i said, what are you a zombie newb?? You need zombies 101 so here you go http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Zombies_%28mode%29 If you think I am gonna sit here and cut and paste and all that BS you are wrong!! I know what I am talking about, do your research and then challenge me.
  8. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    one last thing... there is a picture of richtofen in the pap room on five along with another empty picture. No dialogue but anyone can tell it is maxis, unless treyarch is playing us. Maxis is supposedly the pentagon thief which would explain why his picture is missing on the five map, and sophia took it on the kino map, but whoever is trapped in aether on ascension might be the thief on five because they are happening simultaneously. but that would include maxis because maxis is in aether, if it is not maxis than it has to be yuri or gersch or whoever ( i havent really gotten to deep on ascension cant get a good party together always some yahoo has to quit or run and gun etc...) but how would the new ascension character tie into kino?? they dont, there is no mention before ascension and they are at different points in time and only richtofen and the other 3 know about time travel - Therefore It has to be maxis.
  9. DarthChronikus

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    nice one , that deserves a FIRST for you oh well I cut it anyways might as well paste here you goes http://www.callofduty.com/intel/465 BUT... HAS ANYONE FOUND IT YET?? Why did my post show up so late?? NM
  10. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Prove me wrong. I spend countless hours playing this game and researching theories. Just because I dont have PVR or mad cpu skill to cut paste copy repost etc... I am a grown intelligent man that pays attention to everything from intel, radios, easter eggs player dialogue, etc... The answers are out there you just have to be able to put the things together...
  11. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Maxis is the pentagon thief. He was able to leave aether thru the americans teleporters because they are digital and different than the germans.
  12. DarthChronikus

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    THERE IS ALREADY A PICTURE OF RICTOFEN ON THE WALL THE MISSING PICTURE IS OF MAXIS... CONFIRMED...what we don't know is WHY was it taken... some people have said Sophia took it
  13. DarthChronikus


    DAM.... No teaser for zombies...

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