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  1. First off... Wiki is a good source, maybe not 100% but much better info than just THEORIES. 2nd... Play the game... Listen to the radios, put the work in and learn whats going on by playing and discovering and you will know that Peter worked for cia & infiltrated the group 935 in derriese and because they were compromised, Peter the cia informant was sent to verruckt from derriese after he was discovered to be cia... marines deployed to verruckt to save peter, Richtofen takes peter and 1 last marine that survived zombie attack (john banana aka tank dempsey) to shi no after verruckt and d
  2. it is obviously not a big part of the story... but you can hear it once the power is turned on and it is around the lighthouse... you DO NOT have to complete the easter egg... I am listening to it on 5.1 surround sound Headphones and it is 100% a elephant. This is zombies and EVERYTHING has something to do with the story... but this is obviously just a tiny part... ultimately I am from the school of thought that it was a teaser to the next map but I havent played shangri la yet because greedy treyarch wants extra money from microsoft and dont know if there are elephants on shangri la... are
  3. you don't have to complete the easter egg to hear it... and it seemed pretty random to me... 100% definitely an elephant... if this is solved then why is it there??? I am assuming that there are elephants on shangri la maybe... but WTF is a elephant doing in syberia on COTD??? lets solve this for real i am down...
  4. So better late than never... UPDATE So I noticed that after you do the egg and get the d.machines they keep coming back again and again anytime there is a death machine power up everyone gets 90 second d machines again like there is something you are supposed to do with them. Latest update is that we took the death machines to all the perks by which characters matryuska dolls were near, tak went to flop, demp to stam up nik to speed and ric to nog and we shot the perk machines up trying to get a power surge into the mechanism... I based this off of one time we all shot death machines at t
  5. WTF... post the results like you said you were going to or at least give us a update.
  6. Nice investigative work! Can't wait for Shangri-La
  7. GREETINGS! Make sure to check out my NEW YouTube channel for awesome contests and giveaways http://www.youtube.com/user/DarthChronikus Hope you enjoy the video... LIKE - COMMENT - SUBSCRIBE 96wb02nqsks
  8. I would like some clarity on the rules. How many entries is each forum member allowed to submit? Will the earlier posted vids have an advantage over later posted vids because of being more visible in the thread, brains or something?? also what about the possibility of ringers just signing up to codz to enter the competition, it seems you should be a member prior to the announcement of the contest, otherwise someone could sign up win and then leave us all looking stupid. Let me know... Thanks
  9. SEE EDITS IN ORIGINAL POST ABOVE there are 3 versions of my idea i am trying, same idea just 3 different variations... first try was a fail and then double fail when the video crapped... ready to attempt #2 and #3 anytime...
  10. MY MAN i fuqin lagged out yesterday... LAG ops sucks sometimes, especially on the lagstation... Even Had everything done this morning, weapons upgraded, ready to free dude and 1 guy timed out, literally in front of the thing he is trapped in as we are getting ready to throw the gersch device... I almost broke my controller... Getting ready for round 2 after 10 hour marathon... I would really like to have this vid up, pass or fail... but I aint givin up...
  11. Jesus I just want some good players to help me... If you wanna know the theory then come help.
  12. Yes it ends with the death machines, you take the death machines to 4 different parts of the map, THIS IS MY OWN ORIgINAL THEORY. When you get a death machine power drop after the nodes it gives you 4 death machines again for 90 seconds. If you listen to the voice and the steps it seems pretty obvious to me what to do, but again I am in my 30's, college educated, and not surrounded by 13 yr old trolls telling me what to do. I WILL REVEAL AFTER I GET A TEAM TO TRY IT AND HAVE IT RECORDED... STAY TUNED or COME HELP!!! I need some good players to do this so it don't take all friggin day
  13. I don't need any non-believers on my squad. My message states I want to record it so then I can put it up for all to see. I am trying to get the proof, but if you wanna prove it with me, a little faith will be required. I will have video of this up soon, and it will be WINNING, or a epic fail... Who want to take a chance at being a WINNER??? Message me...
  14. We should get everyone's livestream channels posted the same way we have the youtube channels... Here is mine http://www.ustream.tv/channel/GALACTIC-GAMING
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