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  1. I can see thousands of awesome Zombies Machinimas if it is in there :P
  2. Nice job for a first post dude [brains] I think the Multiplayer additions would be cool. Playercards, Theatre ETC. That's what i'm looking forward to.
  3. TBH I don't have 7 other people to play zombies with :lol:
  4. Infinity Ward? Well... It isn't looking good for them. Half the company left just after MW2 launched, and now Robert Bowling has gone they're without a manager. The resources and staff they have are not capable of making a game off their own back, so the only way I could see them have any involvement is if they team up with Sledgehammer again. On the Modern Warfare side of things... Personally, I think they did it. And they did it well. It's done. 3 brilliant games spanning over the stories of a selection of truly captivating characters who you find yourself really empathising with. The campaign brought tonnes of innovation and hours of fun, with an incredible storyline. The multiplayer for all 3 games has been phenomenal. I don't care what anybody says, all 3 games are all superb showcases of the modern gaming industry. All 3 have had their flaws, but then, what in this world doesn't. But aside from all this, I think Modern Warfare has run its course. I think that saga is done, and it's time for something new. Whether it be Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer or maybe somebody completely new, I think Modern Warfare needs to be left alone at its peak, for it to stand proud over every other game in the market. It's been fun, but I think Infinity Ward need to respect it, and just let it go...
  5. The maps on Underground are little Easter Eggs put in there by Infinity Ward. The places have lots of random names. They don't mean anything, just the IW Art Dept having a little fun.
  6. Yah, they confirmed BOII will be releasing on PS3, PC and the 360 so they have no plans to release on a Next Gen Console. Probably because they're isn't one. And it's waaay to early to be asking for Retail Pics my man. Wait a few months. Come summer we'll have more infos. Give it time...
  7. Never actually played War. Will look forward to playing it in BO2 :D
  8. If you think about it, there's probably more Multiplayer data than Zombies. Multiplayer matches may only last 10 minutes or so, but think about how many more matches there are daily than Zombies. I wouldn't be surprised if the Multiplayer data is more than there would be if they recorded Zombies.
  9. Well on the D-pad there might be important things coming like maybe killstreaks or claymores. I would put it on being an option in the main menu or the start menu.
  10. Really, that's what i'd be most excited about. Zombies Machinimas would be epic.
  11. We already know Zombies has been shifted over to the Multiplayer engine, and I was thinking about the features Multiplayer has that could be implemented into Zombies, and Theatre just came to me. If the gam can record millions of matches in real time from multiplayer, then surely it can do for Zombies. Thoughts?
  12. I would advise waiting until they reveal info on the Hardened Edition. Even if they come out and say there's not gunna be anything special in it, at least you'll know.
  13. Mark Lamia, Studio Head At Treyarch, confirmed in an interview with Mr Sark that the Black Ops II campaign will play out in a completely different way to previous Call of Duty games. Instead of following a completely linear chain of events, this time the story, and various other aspects of the game, will change depending on what choices and movements you make. A very simple example Lamia gave was a section where you could choose to take out the enemies via a Quadrotor, or to snipe them from the building you're on. Both choices play out different story elements, meaning you and I could play two very different campaigns in November. As well as the story evolving as you make choices, you can also choose which missions to tackle at certain times. You can choose to play a certain Black Ops Mission, and feel like you're a real Black Operative, choosing the right equipment and load-out for the mission you have chosen. Something Lamia also touched upon was the feature of changing your position during different parts of the missions. You can start off with gun on gun combat on the streets, and if you feel a Quadrotor or a tank may be better suited for the job at hand, you can switch over and use whatever you feel is necessary. Here is the interview in question iKiwJi44CgY I feel this is a fantastic innovation, putting more of an emphasis on the campaign, allowing for a different experience each time you play through it. I am really, REALLY excited for this, just as much so as I am for experiencing the Multiplayer and the new Zombies. CCM
  14. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure Christopher Nolan has been working on Dark Knight Rises over the past few years. I doubt he'd have time to make that and write Black Ops 2 at the same time.
  15. Exactly. Innovation! MW is great fun and all, but I think it's time for something new...
  16. I'm having fun reading the comments! WHAT?...blah...Pile of sh*t...blah...Halo 4...blah... quickscoping needs to be in or not worth buying... blah...ghost recon...blah...death of cod...blah... yeah, yeah yeah. Am I only one who's really, REALLY excited after watching that? I am TOTALLY hyped now! :P
  17. Exactly, it'll fuck everything up Language bro. Calm it down :roll:
  18. The real question is... If we're gunna be playing in the future, then how is Woods back? Because the two of those statements are both pretty likely to be in the game. The near future and a Vietnam Vet. Hmmm. Maybe the game is played out similar to BO1 with Woods being interrogated or something like that. The more recent picture does show him being sat at a desk. Maybe he is "Returning For Debriefing".
  19. I'm really looking forward to it. I wasn't necessarily after a future game, nor am I disappointed that it isn't set in the 70s Cold War. I'm just really looking forward to whatever Treyarch offer us. Personally, I think it'll be as much of a sequel to Black Ops 1 as that game was to WaW. Multiple references and maybe a flashback mission. I mean, Reznov followed over from WW2 to the Cold War. Who knows... Mason may come over from Cold War to Near Future.
  20. I think the images pretty much confirm the 2030/2040 setting.
  21. To me, the picture looks like a very odd underslung grenade launcher. I dunno...
  22. Hmmm. I could see that spelling out Zombies if there are enough codes, but I don't think there are enough days. Nice job thinking outside the box though man :P
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