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  1. Tank Dempsey "Bye-bye box." — Getting a Teddy Bear. "Wow, you're all so limp and... wow" — When getting multi kills with the Thundergun. "I'll Send you back to space, monkey bones!" — Getting attacked by a Space Monkey. "Hey, Treyarch! Can we get a new objective, please?" — When starting a new game. "Is it just me or did anyone else hear a voice?" — When starting a new game. "Hey, what happened to all the color?" — When starting a new game. "No one can ever tell me why there's always a big switch to find. Seriously." — When starting a new game. "Whoa man, I didn't know I was that good. Oh wait, yeah I did!" — When killing a large group of zombies. "I think that one hit the sky. Holy crap!" — When killing a zombie with the Thunder Gun. "Ahh man, I keep forgetting to update my Facebook page." — While waiting for the Pack-A-Punch to finish. "Yeah yeah, there's no power. HOLY CRAP, NO COLOR EITHER!!" — When starting a new game. "This is like waiting for the midnight release!" — While waiting for the Pack-A-Punch to finish. "Hey, where's the hammer?" — After buying a Sickle. "What's this?" — After getting the Matryoshka Doll from the Mystery Box. "NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!" — After knifing a zombie. Nikolai Belinski "I feel like a Capitalist, stealing all these kills!" — When getting multiple kills "First objective: Turn on power. Second objective: Drink. Or vice versa. You know what I choose." — When starting a game "I have sister who used to make these. She's bitch." — When activating the Matyroshka Doll easter egg or recieving one from the Mystery Box "The sound of your brain exploding is like music to my ears." — Randomly "I use this to kill a bear, also known as first wife." — Buying a Shotgun off the wall "If only divorce was this easy." — After killing a zombie with the Death Machine "Yeah, yeah, I'm almost out of vodka...I mean, No power!" — When starting a game "You touch me, I KILL YOU! Sounds like fair trade." — Nikolai after killing a zombie that just hit him "Why is there never any power?" — When starting a game "Am I drunk, or am I getting attacked by space monkeys?!" — Nikolai being attacked by a Space Monkey "Back off Monkey!...…Die!" — Nikolai after killing a Space monkey "You are a fool for touching Nikolai!" — After killing a zombie that hit him. "I've fallen and I cant get up!" — Nikolai being downed. A reference to Life alert. "I'll have to use my bare hands... just like with fourth wife. Always talking..." — When out of ammo. "Can anyone spare some ammo?" — When out of ammo. "Fuck! I`m out of ammo!" — When out of ammo. "I will help you, but only if you get me some vodka." — Said after hearing the voices at the start of the game. "This I can not wait to use!" — Said after buying a SMG off the wall. "Can anyone spare some ammo?" — When out of ammo. "These things eventualy run out!?" — When out of ammo. "I will aim carfully pull the trigger at just the right time...wait I am too good for this." — Sometimes said after buying the M14. "My weapon is hungry for ammo!" — When out of ammo. "They were like dominos, da?" — Said after getting multiple headshots. "I give too many of my bullets away!" — Said when low on ammo. Takeo Masaki "Just Like how the universe began, Big Bang!" — When killing Zombies with the Phd Floppers explosion. "WHAT IS MY NAME?!" — After killing a zombie. "I don't rike that." — After jumping through the Gersch Device "Dempsey, you speak these monkeys' language, don't you? TELL THEM TO STOP STEALING MY PERKS!" — Upon dealing with the Space monkeys. "I'm coming Edward!" — When Richtofen is being swarmed "Uhh, I feel funny." — After jumping through the Gersch Device "Stay away from my Speed Cola!" — When Space Monkeys attack the Speed Cola machine. "They are stealing my Juggernog!" — When space monkeys are attacking Juggernog. "Get your hands off me you damn, dirty ape!" — After killing a monkey that recently attacked him. A reference to Plantet of the Apes. "Like the sushi, it's all in the cut!" — After knifing a monkey with a Sickle. (Not confirmed for knifing with combat knife.) "It slices! It dices! It's a wonder!" — After knifing a monkey with a Sickle. (Not confirmed for knifing with combat knife.) "Ah, I have time to update my Facebook Status!" — While waiting for Pack-A-Punch to finish. Edward Richtofen "Die you demon." — Randomly "Oh, ze inflation is killing me!" — When trying to open a door without enough points, a joke on the hyperinflation that occurred in the Weimar Republic (post WWI Germany), making the money nearly useless. "They are so small now, I can put them in my pocket." — Said when he blows up a zombie. "This weapon is empty!" — When running out of ammo "Why do the voices sound so ANGRY?" — Getting multiple kills "Again, zee doctor is victorious!" — Killing a zombie that hurt the player "The ammo is low!" — When low on ammo "Oh ja, this will work nicely." — Getting a SMG "The screams of the dead fills my heart with joy!" — Getting multiple kills. "BOOM...Goes the corpses." — Getting multiple grenade kills "If given enough time I could create a generator from spare parts-why is it black and white now?" — Starting a game "Eenie meenie miny SHOTGUN!" — Said when receiving a shotgun from the Mystery Box "Hey! Zat little man is trying to steal my perks!" — Said when a space monkey its destroying a Perk-A-cola Machine "Tiny pieces.....in the wine!" — Said with any explosive kill, reference to the song Tiny Bubbles released in the 60s/70s "I used to crush these when I was a child to hear my sister cry in anguish." — Said when interacting with a matryoshka doll. "I do like the sound of this one... It tickles my special place." — Said upon activating the musical easter egg "It rubs the lotion on the doll, it does this every time... Or else it gets the hose again." — When interacting with a matryoshka doll. Also a reference to the movie, "Silence of the Lambs". "Oh, there's a doll inside a doll inside a doll! Sounds perverse..." — Upon interacting with a matryoshka doll. i am sure there is more of them and i don't take credit for these ;)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czd61QMu ... re=related skip to 10:34 ok now my guess is that Samantha didn't die when Richthofen locked them in the door somehow she time traveled and went to kino der toten and became and actor and then the zombies came in. when you teleport to samantha's room you can see a poster of Faust that made me thing that samantha loved theater so samantha became an actor on an area that wasn't infected by the zombies then the zombies came in and we don;t know what happened to samantha also richotfen say's ""samantha where did you run to? "" and that made me thing that samantha escaped der riese. OK that's my thoughts tell me what you thing PEACE :D
  3. hey why don't we ask carbon to make an official clan?
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Oer24o02q8 and something else on kino der toten when you go to open the first door upstairs and then you open the second door on the right of the second's door wall 5 paintings are hanging its Richthofen Nikolai Dempsey and takeo but the 5th one is blank anyone knows who that is ??? a new character on on the future map pack of the game maybe???
  5. it has to do something with illuminates?
  6. it should be a rise against song like prayer of the refuge
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