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  1. Silly troll. Go crawl back under the internet bridge.
  2. Modern Warfare 3. I love the Battlefield series, and I will probably get Battlefield 3 too, but MW3 is my main priority Gears of War 3 is also one of my most anticipated games this year. Alot of trilogies out eh?
  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but we already knew lol. However, it does mean that Mason may be involved with the zombie story line. Dunno :|
  4. Dude don't go so hard on him. He put a lot of work into that lol. I thought it was quite interesting tbh :\
  5. Solo round 9, but can't connect to peoples games and they can't connect to me, even though my NAT type is open, it says 'game session unavailable'. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Could I have one that says "PIXL"? Make it retro if you can. Thanks :D
  7. Since we're in the mood for checking people's youtube accounts out, could you please look at mine? http://www.youtube.com/geekstop1 I do commentaries, computer tutorials and occasionally reviews. Will be doing Let's Play's soon :)
  8. Twas the night before Christmas, and we thought we had won, but little did we realise; it was but the end of round one.
  9. Okay so this is going to sound incredibly stupid, but what about '6'? 'Beware the 6' may be referencing to the horrible truths that will be revealed within the account. Perhaps 'nazi', 'wunderwaffe', or maybe 'teleporter' Sorry if these have been suggested before. Hope they help [brains]
  10. So the other day I was putting my MW2 disc back into it's case for the last time (well, I'll play it sometime when I'm bored or something, but you know). I put it onto my games shelf and brought out Back Ops, and I noticed something. The title for Modern Warfare 2 looks like this: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 The title for Black Ops looks like this: Call of Duty Black Ops I then did some 'research' (google images; go figure), and looked up the CoD 4 case and then it hit me. Infinity Ward aren't proud to have there games within the CoD franchise. The words 'Call of Duty' on most of there games are usually tiny. This is odd since, to my knowledge, Infinity Ward brought about the franchise itself (I may be wrong, please correct me if so). I was talking to my friend (you may know him as P0DG3Y) who is extremely knowledgeable about the CoD series (he has played it since day one, I sort of played some of it now and again until I got an xbox and got hooked to the franchise via MW2) and he explained that Inifinity Ward wanted Modern Warfare to be a whole new game, but Activision screwed stuff up (no news here) so that IW had to have it within the CoD series. I'm not sure, but it all sounds very shady to me. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  11. Okay: I LOVE, I mean LOVE the multiplayer, zombies and campaign (that's three things, meh) but I hate the fact that the split screen mode has to be tiny. I mean it's almost unplayable on my littlw 21.5" TV I get used to it though.
  12. Not a bad idea Maybe I could tie in Nova6 to the zombies or something. Need more replies to this post as to whether I should do this or not.
  13. I particularly like the Chemical Warfare one. Will try and make it for you I will post a picture of it once I've finished making it (as soon as I figure out how to put images on the forum). Brainzzz? lolk [brains] [brains] [brains]
  14. So I just had this somewhat awesome idea. I would like to write a progressive story on this forum every week. Something relating to Nova6, Black Ops and whatnot. I enjoy writing and inventing story lines and things like that. If you guys would like me to write a story with 'episodic chapters' then I would love to take up the challenge. I'm not sure how long forum posts can be, but surely long enough to write little short segments of a story. If you would like me to have a go at this, please suggest some titles (I wanted to go for something really cheesy such as 'Nova6: Chronicles' lmao). Please reply to this, as I would like to know your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for taking the time to read this! B0UNC3R

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