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  1. Maybe. I just find it weird that they show the interrogation room from the main menu screen which has little to no relevance to the zombie story line. You probably saw the dentist room and mistook it for the main menu. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure it was the main menu. You're probably right though.
  2. Silly troll. Go crawl back under the internet bridge.
  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but we already knew lol. However, it does mean that Mason may be involved with the zombie story line. Dunno :|
  4. Dude don't go so hard on him. He put a lot of work into that lol. I thought it was quite interesting tbh :\
  5. Okay so the circus freakshow finds a zombie on the streets. It takes it in and cages it up. The zombie has a sample of element 115 in it's pocket, and turns everyone else into flesh addicts As for our four awesome heroes? Deep underneath the fairground lies a secret government testing facility. They all turn up at a teleport in there. :|
  6. Won't let me download. It's taken my 1200 points, but it says it can't download it yet. Server crash or something?
  7. Yes but remember that Kino (which is where "Beware the 6" is found) is set before they died :)
  8. Okay so on Kino in the theatre I found something odd. The power box has a light shining on it, and it is flickering on and off in an odd fashion. Morse code? If so, could someone translate it?? Would greatly appreciate it. But I haven't ruled out the fact that it may just be a light with an odd fuse :\ But yeah, if it is Morse code, it would be awesome. Take a look!
  9. yea like i can explain blood splaters it just looks like sum1 is holding sumthing could it be Death (AKA The Grim Reaper)?
  10. Twas the night before Christmas, and we thought we had won, but little did we realise; it was but the end of round one.
  11. Maybe. I just find it weird that they show the interrogation room from the main menu screen which has little to no relevance to the zombie story line.
  12. Good theory, but it doesn't explain why I saw the interrogation room with Mason sitting in the chair. :| [brains] for your theory though :)
  13. Okay so I was playing zombies with a few friends, as you do. Me and my mate Robbie both got down on round 11, and we were just spectating our friends. They turned around and, on the projection screen in the main theatre, me and Robbie, and ONLY me and Robbie saw two different things. Robbie saw Samantha's evil bedroom, with all the teddy bears piled up, and I saw the interrogation room. Our other two friends didn't appear to have seen what we had seen, it was well and truly weird. I swear I am not trolling. This just goes to show that A.Mason may be more involved with zombies than we think. Sorry if this has been posted before, I did look around the forums, but couldn't find anything relating to this matter. Cheers for reading. Post your theories/elaborations on this! -B0UNC3R
  14. So on the map Nuketown, there is a little easter egg I noticed. Both of the houses on the map have mailboxes, and on each of those mailboxes are the names 'Mason' and 'Woods' The chances of this being posted before are huge, but I couldn't find another post so hope you guys enjoy the egg :)
  15. Okay so this is going to sound incredibly stupid, but what about '6'? 'Beware the 6' may be referencing to the horrible truths that will be revealed within the account. Perhaps 'nazi', 'wunderwaffe', or maybe 'teleporter' Sorry if these have been suggested before. Hope they help [brains]
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