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  1. lol, poor Logan. In the NGTZombies vid for the "zombie vision", they tried that area and didn't see anything immediately noticeable, maybe get a little closer? Also I think I remember someone saying they shot it with the PaP'd Vril and nothing happened. Could someone get a screenshot of the whole thing though? There might be something we're missing.
  2. At first when I saw this from NGT they said they had tried the crazy theories like this, but that was an interesting video. The zombies seem to be ignoring him. Maybe it only works with crawlers :?:
  3. I love this theory, I can clearly see it. I'm not so sure about the crazy kill Romero by the logos theory, we've always theorized crazy complicated things that don't work. The thing is, you should take another look at it in-game, it's actually a lot bigger than just that, it extends almost all the way across the wall.
  4. :cry: I thought this was a really cool idea. The only problem is I already play with my brightness down all the way (seriously, try it, it looks good on an LCD). I could turn down my TV brightness though, and the contrast, too. I'm gonna go try that, it sounds fun!
  5. Try it in a Haiku pattern(57575 or 575575). Could someone please post them?
  6. I see one thingymajiger on the railing, and another one by his head. Good eye, we'll see. A theory I do have though, is that maybe some easter eggs will be invisible, hence the one dude saying to shoot everything in the Inside Xbox video.
  7. I think what you're saying is that's one of tank's lines, am I right?
  8. That very well may be, then you have to try to get through the early rounds with the same weapons you had before being sent back to regroup with your teammates? What if it disables the chat for the teleported player (like GRAW's alive only)until he gets back (to the Future )? What if Romero gets more difficult in the higher rounds to increase the intensity of not getting hit by him, since then it would take longer to progress through the previous rounds? Discuss
  9. um...? am i missing something here? its the same thing. Yeah, the shopped in AK-74u in the bottom left, next to the door. Wish the -1 button was still there.
  10. Looks like the finger might launch you in the direction you're moving, hence him saying it takes practice.
  11. Vaporizer-11? That's what it looks like it does to me.
  12. :evil: Enough! Get on topic or take it to fan forums. I'm psyched to see if this is the song, cause that would be pretty fucking awesome!
  13. What if there were search lights to turn on? That would really help with sniping from the lighthouse, which I'm assuming we can from the mystery box light, plus that would be a good way to access the PaP. What I want to see is cinematics, objectives, and the British Coast.
  14. Also the scene was shown in the memories during "Revelations", wich were all imaginary.
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