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  1. IDK about you gentlemen but i pre-ordered the Hardened edition so i wont be getting it till like 9-10 am but i will be on it all damn day
  2. i have only ever been able to get jugg, but it would be awesome if i could PaP the colt and get jugg before round one
  3. it doesnt count solo for rounds or no mans land
  4. how in the crap did you get jugg and PaP in no mans land before you even left, also you can teleport back by going to the teleporter by mule kick and just standing on it
  5. Dempsey is on the poster next to him, so that's not possible. what does that even mean dude?
  6. the guy is wearing US uniform if anything its Dempsey dude
  7. He means a syndicate fanboy. We have a bit of an issue here with syndicate fanboys who blindly hold him in high regard, even though he has little to no idea what he is talking about some times. I mean come on, he attends a night college, go figure he'd have a few extra hours to play zombies. I don't have anything against him, but his fans can get a bit... Distastful. Agreed, im a fan of his, and I do laugh at his commentaries, and face palm at others, he is a good guy but his fanbase is a bit over exaggerating how good he is. Back on topic, if there is a movie there will probably be backstory with anew cast of characters, maybe people in veruckt while the breakouts going on. Maybe der reuse before it had gone to hell. Maybe even multiple stories, on multiple locations. Most likely though we will have to wait for a while to get specifics but in the mean time, we got work to do. maybe like flashbacks? i might have gotten the quotes wrong there i facepalmed my self:)
  8. Something like a mini-series? I wonder how random youtubers would react to Nazi zombies... P.s. Your avatar scares me, and I.... like it? yeah see not only would a mini-series be awesome but it would also get more people into zombies and the story line, i think the only thing is going to be money if activision is funding it i dont think they would have a problem with money haha but if its all out of treyarchs pocket then they might
  9. truthfully i would be happy if they made a movie but if they made a kinda tv show sort of thing but like on youtube where each of the "episodes" were 10-15 min long and came out like every Friday because that would be as equally or maybe even better then the movie just because we can actually have more time with zombies until November 2012 when the new one comes out:)
  10. ok so earlier today i was thinking what if the new "perk" wasnt a perk like jugg or speed cola, what if it was an actual ability? like lets say the "perk" costs 5000-10000 and you get to keep it for as long as that game even if you go down? idk i might just sound stupid:) it sounded better earlier i think haha but its just my theory
  11. yeah but i feel like they would have it so if you did die then the perk machine just gives you back a pistol instead think of it like monkey bombs you have them but if you die then you need to get them back through the box
  12. lets say you have the ray gun/hk21 then buy the new perk now you get a pistol so when you hit the box you trade your pistol now you have raygun/hk21 the normal 2 but also a AUG if you go down i feel like you would loose the gun you got after you got the perk so you would loose the aug also maybe if you do loose the perk then buy it back instead of getting another pistol you get back the gun with same ammo that you lost when you went down
  13. what do you mean? i know what a fanboy i mean hell everyone on this website is a fanboy of nazi zombies but are you calling the dude who posted this a fanboy
  14. this guy hasnt been updating for a while, there are a couple vids out there that have better footage
  15. dont ask for brains bro, you will get them if you deserve them
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