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  1. as to your green edit, could that have something to do the phrase on kino? beware the 6(th)
  2. IF it's about an individual game, it's one that not even out yet. Maybe one we don't even know of yet. The art style for the guy doesn't remind me of anything specifically.
  3. assisted suicide counts as a kill.... and the care package random kill is AWESOME! :)
  4. qctually thats not roebuck its tank nikolia fichtofen and takeo but there another 1 there just sillhuet tho i wonder who it is u can find them at kino to :ugeek: he's talking about "FIVE", the pentagon. thats what this thread is all about. You're thinking of Kino Der Toten after taking the first set of doors after the stairs on the right. hmmm, penta does mean 5. I originally thought there were going to be five floors. Instead there's five teleporters in the Lab. A lab that is on an island in the sp, not under the Pentagon.
  5. No, there's one red phone on each floor. whichever floor you found two on, one of them is not the right kind of red phone. In the bottom floor, I'm pretty sure the red phone is in the room with the power. Ones in the PaP room, and the other is next to quick revive. It plays an extremely fitting song. One by a rap artist. An artist in every sense of the word.
  6. does that activate both electric barriers then or just the one you put the device into? is there more than one device then if each trap needs one? or would you have to take it out of the one and put it in the other?
  7. He appears for me once I go into the lab and turn on the power. But only on the next full round. If I turn it on at the beginning before any zombies come or turn it in the middle of a round, he comes during the next round.
  8. I noticed the girls' names on the wall in the dressing room, googled it and got no results. thought i was the first to see it. Guess not. The names in order are Samantha Emilia Abigail I assume these are Sam's friends. the letters to the left of the names to me looked like JD. Made me think of JD_2020. but i doubt thats correct.
  9. A friend of mine has had that happen. He said it happened after he used the machine 5 times. It rose up, shook, and vanished like the mystery box does when it moves. But he and I believe it disappears for good.
  10. Yes, I survived! ha, me too. YET, that doesn't make any sense, you would think they'd take out midland for dow chemical. chemical plant, less chance of chemical warfare back. Treyarch doesn't know enough about Michigan.
  11. You're a wee(wii lol) bit late. maybe next month, just set your calendar to probably around Nov. 27th so you can nominate yourself. In the meantime, voting for me is always a nice thing. Call it a birthday gift.(nov. 1st)
  12. It's definitely something they could fix if they wanted to. there's no reason for it to be like this in the first place, that's what I don't get. Resistance 2 allows 2 signed in accounts split screen, BUT that didn't happen at launch. It happened several months later through a patch. It did happen before the game was out a whole year though. A couple other games that allow multiple users online from one console are Haze(split screen, no idea if there's dual log in) and Castle Crashers(single screen, no dual log in) Every game should have split screen online. there's no point not to.
  13. I nominate myself for sure! That would be awesome to get it during my birthday month. ON my birthday (the 1st) please?
  14. Yeah it's stupid that having 2 separate online accounts is XBOX only right now. What gives? How can they do that? It's not DLC :| My friends want to be able to save their progress without having to load a level 1 guest account on the PS3 every dang time. That's a major handicap when they might only play for a half hour at a time. And as vowellpuny said, having 2 PSN IDs signed into one console simultaneously is not something new. I used it with friends all the time on Resistance 2. This better be something that's patched very shortly after launch. There's no reason for pulling this crap.
  15. I'm thanking them in this quite unconventional way. With my dollars. By buying their game.
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