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  1. Having a taco is like a Jizz in my pants type of moment VLnWf1sQkjY
  2. :facepalm: Are you kidding??? I want proof!!!! That happens everytime you turn on the power!
  3. Verruckt is still one of the best, it just takes a while to get a proper strategy down. The Secret room downstairs is still a good place to hold up as its close to the Juggernog and not too far from the Speed cola, And i could just stand upstairs and keep flushing that toilet...LOL
  4. Its full on.... All the way across the sky!
  5. I know a bunch of the guys on our clan site have been Lurking around here... i'll just keep bugging them to register and post. :D
  6. Shout out to all of you who make this site possible!!!! Its greatly appreciated
  7. the guy is still in the back but you can't hear him banging on the glass this time, all you hear is some kind of scratching noise
  8. LOL it also looks like one of those hybrid vampires from blade 2 LOL
  9. All that I know is this shiz is gonna be crazy!!!! Can't wait
  10. I used to go shotgun all the time so i could get my hands on that badboy but finally noticed you get more points and can hold up more spots if you take the Thompson route. For instance you leave the shotgun stairs alone have 1 guy on either side of the bridge until round 9 or so.
  11. The gaming clan i'm in has around 6 or 7 regular zombie slayers in it, so add me up is DaBigK_07 If your into other games we're a multi-game clan, feel free to stop by our site to see when we're getting on zombies http://www.leadfarmersunited.com Der Raise - 35 Shi no numa - 31 Natch Der Untoten - 22 Verruct - 21
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