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  1. That the old crew is not in Black Ops 2 zombies?
  2. I don't really think that it's funny. It's more like enjoyment and satisfying when you blow their body parts apart.
  3. I was here when black ops released we where discussing the map packs and when the Moon map was going to get released i left, because i got tired of Xbox having the DLC first so it kind of got boring for me, because i am a ps3 user. I remember the World At War DLC discussions here it was fun, because they released it the same day for everyone we would gather people and go easter egg hunting then the exclusive stuff came out and only Xbox user would gather and hunt for easter eggs and they would find all of them and when the DLC released for the rest of the people they had found all the stuff lol.
  4. :) hey i missed you guys. Any news on new zombies?
  5. America C_7_dYWMsL0 England GG_JegQ2GhQ Germany 7NqwnraL1Pw France 3z_PR4Tg0fM Can we fit more green in here lol?
  6. lol there is a Modern Warfare 2 section for a reason on this site. This thread is in Modern Warfare 2 section this is not in zombie section :)
  7. FourZeroTwo Aka Robert Bowling Tweeted that they are releasing a new patch for Modern Warfare 2 to fix the hacking problem and the rock glitch problem. LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS 1 YEAR LATER THEY WANT TO FIX IT http://twitter.com/fourzerotwo
  8. I don't really care about winters howl, but i want Wunderwaffe to return it rapes all of them and kills them unlike Thundergun it just knocks down zombies btw i am paying 15 bucks for just ascension :)
  9. I respected both Companies untill recently when the Famous "Stealth Clown" made a story blaming Sony and Ps3 for their broken game that it was hacked on Xbox first then recently on ps3 and when ps3 got jailbroken they started using that as a way to blame Sony. Sorry for my English
  10. I don't think that one multiplayer map is worth 400 points i rather have three multiplayer maps and 2 zombie maps then 4 multiplayer one zombie map i am only going to get it for zombies
  11. When you plant or defuse the bomb in search and destroy the guy types 115 like 3 times :)
  12. There is a radio on the celling in projector room where you turn the power on just shoot it with ray gun or thundergun it will play the transmission
  13. Wow the dlc wasn't enough now this. I can already tell xbox fanboys are going to rub dlc delay and this into our faces :(
  14. Wow now i know the story you get brains but why did treyarch block the ppsh and amm-o-matic machine? that would be cool since ppsh upgraded is my favorite in der riese
  15. It's sub-HD quality thats why when the main system is xbox 360 they use the full power of the xbox thats why the game looks much better on xbox if they made the game on ps3 first the graphics will look much better and Activision got 3 year deal with microsoft for DLC and other stuff so yeah we know when they have 3 year deal then ps3 graphics will look ugly programmers say that its "hard" to make the game on ps3 first than put it on xbox and pc they are lazy just use the full power of both
  16. I need ps3 users to play der riese with me so we can discover some stuff about zombies must have mic my psn:armenia818
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