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  1. None, I always get noob tubed when i'm close to getting one. -_-
  2. Just thought it would be interesting to have a discussion about some weapons. My favourites are below: Assault Rifle: F2000 Although people have trouble with this gun. I find getting the learning curve on it's recoil you will go on to decimate teams. It's troublesome at first, but this gun definately should not be considered the worst gun. Sub-Machine Gun: P90 I use this gun almost.. Always. Never home without it haha. Although sometimes it gives off a noticeable recoil, which can be annoying when it shows. As some shots seem to give no recoil, while others seem to make the gun move in awkward directions. But, I love this gun on Rust with Ex. Mags. The only issue I dislike is sometimes, this may be due to lag. But, sometimes enemies take more then the required shots to die. Leaving you confused, as you hoped to switch target quickly and take down the next enemy. Other then that, this gun is wonderful. Light Machine Gun: MG4 This gun is amazing with Thermal + Grip. If not just a Thermal. I use this on large maps such as Wasteland and Derail. Sniper Rifles: M21 EBR Because, I like semi-auto Snipers. They take more skill to use then Intervention or Barrett 50. Cal Riot Shield Amazing, with Spas-12. I use this in Demolition, and completely own. :] Advised Setup: Riot Shield Spas-12 w/Grip Sleight of Hand Cold-Blooded Steady Aim Tactial Knife Smoke Grenade So, discuss. ^^
  3. I'd really love to see the MP7 in a COD game other then the DS. =/ But, yeh. F2000 is amazing. :D
  4. I'd prefer a customizable character for zombies. Rather then a Customizable Class.
  5. ^ An makes people rage / cry when they don't use stopping power, and people are using Juggernaut. So either way, Juggernaut makes people use Stopping Power. Which doesn't resolve the fact, to many people use Stopping Power. Remove both from the game, simple. :/
  6. Die Glocke information can be found on the home page via one of the tabs.. I think it's the Der Riese one.. Not sure. But, either way it was ment to be either a Teleportation or Anti-gravity device.. No idea about H.A.A.R.P But, MKULTRA also had 2 relations. MKNAOMI and MKDELTA. MKNAOMI was the Department of Defense / CIA investigating the use of Biological Weaponary. MKDELTA, like MKULTRA, was a mind control and interrogation operation run by the Central Intelligence Agency. It involved the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations. Project MKULTRA was an illegal CIA human research program. There consists of many other projects such as: Project ARTICHOKE Project MKCHICKWIT Project MKOFTEN Hope this information is useful.
  7. Atleast i'm happy that I did it. With my sexy Platinum for COD:WAW. xD
  8. iFailz

    Henry is a hoax

    I'm trying to assist in making people post anything related to it, in the main thread. As it is quite annoying seeing new threads about information already posted. Rather then people posting in the main HL thread.
  9. Keep away from Veteran Campaign Mode!! Total nade fest... :(
  10. If they did, then they would have to release the zombie beta much earlier then the games release so they can make easy fixes on bugs, add extra stuff and what not. But, if they did release one... It'd kinda ruin the surprise of Zombies.. Which in theory is what they're hoping to build us up for. As much as I'd like a Beta. I just don't want the surprise of it, and then having to wait what will feel like endless days waiting. :L
  11. I'm more disappointed at the fact we didn't get to see any perks.. I was really hoping for atleast a small reveal of what we can expect. Ohwell, guess we'll find out eventually. :/
  12. They already have that, it's called a modded controller. Haha, I know but maybe a more legitiment game mechanic. I find a controlled burst helps prevent me from overdoing it and wasting bullets.
  13. "In the late 1960’s a secret program was undertaken by the US Air Force and Navy to evaluate flight characteristics of soviet built aircraft. The US acquired aircraft, radar systems, missiles as well as other hardware from friendly nations (Israel,Egypt,etc.) or aircraft used by their pilots to defect. The program continued until the early 1990’s, when the fall of the Soviet Union led to the end of the Cold War." Late 1960's could mean 1969. Could be wrong. But, this maybe what you're looking for. Reference: http://www.military-heat.com/46/black-o ... -cold-war/
  14. My comment was posted 4-5hours ago, before the trailer release. :/ And after watching it... The character kinda looks like you're diving. Yet, somewhat more humoursly in my eyes. I could see some epic or funny dive montages.
  15. I just realised, the Camera Spike is used for the theater mode. More or less you setup a camera and record your kills?
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