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  1. Pretty sure I've seen this on CODZ already. I think it was found in the terminal or something.
  2. Something about the robot arm, it has CCCP written on it. Proof that the Soviets were also working on Zombies. It's possible that there was more than one facility with Zombies in Germany, and information was extracted by both the United States and Soviet Russia in Operation Paperclip and it's eastern equivalent. This probably means we have yet to see a Russian Zombie map.
  3. I was kinda thinking along the lines of just adding skins and tallies to the guns you can get in-game rather than customising an entire class. Obviously you would still start off with a pistol, just the pistol may have stickers and stuff on it, that's all. Also, yeah, customising your character, but I didn't mean customisable classes, sorry for not being clearer. (Don't mind the grammar, it's European)
  4. I can see this fitting in pretty nicely, as it could help players show off their zombie killing skills in-game. For example they could have their record round on the particular zombie match etched into their gun, much like the tallies etched onto the gun on the preorder poster. (If this thread exists already I'll delete this.)
  5. Hey erm, I saw the mention of a Shi No Numa quote... There's tabs at the top of the page for Der Riese, GKnova6 and Frolich Asylum etc. and there was supposed to be one for Shi NO Numa, I saw the "Coming Soon" bit a while back. I'd like to see it because I just hate Shi No Numa so much I refuse to play it and therfore know very little about it. Thanks.
  6. Dia Duit! I've been spectating current events here too, and I thought since a fellow Irishman joined, I might as well join too.
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