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  1. New quote I found of Richtophen. "You remind of patient 2-6... only less noise when I stick things into you." — Upon receiving the Monkey Bomb. Incase you didn't know, patient 2-6 can be heard about in the films in Kino Der Toten. Discuss. Oh and BTW, to all the people saying that I didn't play on Ascension, I did. I have tried to explain it but people keep saying that I'm lying and even making up stories to make me look like I lied. :mrgreen:
  2. First of all I am not the OP of this topic. I have no idea who he is and I also believe the two other people who said they played on Ascension are lying because of three things. 1. The pics here look NOTHING like the maps I played on. 2. The birds eye drawing also looks NOTHING like the map I played on. 3. There is no way you could go from Der Riese to Ascension by doing whatever it is you said you did. Sorry but I think your lying and to the people who think I'm lying, I'm NOT. Don't let these people make you think I'm lying because not even I believe them. :facepalm:
  3. Sorry but I actually downloaded the classic maps 3 times. I looked it up on google because I didn't want to lose my maps and found out that I had to go to my download history and it's there. Please don't post facts unless you know that they are actually facts. :facepalm:
  4. Okay well that is defiantly weird. Upload the pics so everyone can believe me! And I kinda want to know if your lieing or not too. ;)
  5. Okay, so I have no idea how in the world I did it, but I have played on A new zombie map on Black Ops Zombies for Xbox360! I searched for a Dead Ops game and when I joined a match I was alone but already readied up and the map was called zombie_ascension1 and the picture was a weird checkerboard thing. Then it went to the loading screen and it was all black with the loading bar and the hint at the bottom said "Manhattan Down!" or something like that. Then the game started and there was a sort of red electricity thing on my screen and a girls voice said something like "Powering Down" but it sort of faded out and got deeper. And then my character said "Why does the power shut off? I have just arrived!" I am 90% sure it was Takeo that said this. Now I was freaking the hell out. I looked around and I thought right away that I was in some sort of sub-marine or a ship because of the sounds, and that there was a few inches of water on the floor. There were 4 windows which were actually holes in the metal walls but were already boarded up. There were 2 guns on the walls which were the M14 and the Scorpion. I bought the scorpion and ran around to each window till I found some zombies. The zombies are TOTALLY NEW! They are NOT Nazi zombies or the ones from "Five". These zombies look like Russian soldiers or maybe even American soldiers that have been under water for a long time. But some look more normal like they were not under water. Some are in soldier uniforms and others are in Captain like uniforms with all white on. I also noticed some sort of green plants on a few of the zombies. (I think that plant that grows under water.) So I killed the zombies and I didn't get kicked from the match which I expected to happen. I bought quick revive which was in the corner and Takeo said something like "This drink makes me home sick." And I got downed and had duel pistols that shot explosives like in Kino Der Toten. Then I got to round 6 and thought there would be dogs or the Thief but nothing changed. I killed more zombies and got to round 7. The room got really foggy and there was demonic laugh. Then there was a red ball of electricity that formed (like the dogs spawn but bigger and red instead of blue) and then a MONKEY spawned in. "Ohhh boy!" Said Takeo in a funny voice. Its was The Cosmic Silverback. It was in a SPACE SUIT but you could see its face. It looked gross to be honest. It had a white pack on its back too. It charged at me and was fast but it would stop and growl at me or stop and hit its chest once in a while. It didn't hit me even once but I was running away from it and it did try to hit me a few times. When I killed it, it growled really loud and went out in a ball of electricity instead of just dieing and dropped a max ammo just like when you kill the last dog in Kino Der Toten or when the Thief reaches the last teleporter before you kill him in "Five". I kept playing and opened the door that was at the top of a small set of stairs. There was also another door at ground level but I never opened that one. The box was in the first room that I opened. I hit it and got the M16 the first time. Hit it again and got either the Olympia or the Stakeout. (Sorry I don't know my shotguns.) Well okay that's it for now I have WAY WAY WAY more stuff that I will update on soon but I'm working on A sketch of a birds eye view of the main room, some new machines, and I'm also trying to play this map again! This is not made up and is the honest to god truth. I also re-downloaded the Hardened Edition maps from [email protected] right before I played this new map. I re-downloaded it because I just got anew Xbox360 and had the old maps on my other Xbox. Please discuss and come back later if you want to read about the rest of the stuff I found because that is just the beginning! I made it to round 16 before I died. If you have any questions I will try to answer right away! BTW I am new but have been going to this site for a long time and I know all about the Zombie story. I never made an account before but I HAD to tell someone about what just happened. (Other than all my friend on my friends list and my parents.) UPDATE!!! Okay this is my first update here and I will continue the description of my game from just after I hit the box. The room with the box in it had no water on the floor. The first thing I noticed was the outline of a mask on the wall. I walked up to it and it was 5000 points. This is what the room looked like. This is the starting room. And this is the second room with the box. More updates soon... :P
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