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  1. old news buddy... they aslo say "sam" " play time" and a few other things...
  2. yeah i never understood how SOME lights were already on without the power... ive tried shooting all the lanterns with a gun and nada... i was gonna try the waffe, but havent gotten around to it.
  3. is there anything special about the lanterns in the map? idk but they just seem oddly placed to me... anyone?
  4. you made a hole new thread just to say this? tisk tisk
  5. id like to see a shirt with ALL of the perk-a-cola symbols joined at the center making a cross on the front of the shirt. i hope i made sense... lol
  6. the waffe destroys only 2/3 teddys/monkey you cant hit the one in the cage with it. you shock yourself and go down... i did however start the fly trap witht the waffe and the only difference i had withthe game was the every time i equipped bettys sam kept saying "hide and seek" but couldve just been a messed up sound clip thing ya know?
  7. i think whats on everyones mind is, MAYBE henry DOES know more than carbon... and thats why this is gettin nuts... but as for me well like i said im still split... i guess we'll see what happens... has carbon figured anything out with the documents?
  8. is it crazy that henry sounds more convincing than carbon? cuz right now im split like 70/30 henry winning lol
  9. they have to allow you customize a class for zombies in order to do that... that isnt at all what zombies is about... if they dont start you with a hand gun then it aint zombies...
  10. seriously... im having thoughts that maybe its carbon doing all this and either messing with us... or he's made a deal to slowly leak this stuff to us and other forums as well
  11. i went to gknova6.com entered the password to where the screen zooms out, but on my screen i cant see all of the page. i cant see the light above nor the hands that well... any one have any idea why? or if i did something wrong?
  12. i just watched it and im pretty sure he is saying "THAT'S IT KEEP FIRING"
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