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  1. MP, -i like the game. yes there are things that could be touched up but they'll be fixed soon enough. ZOMBIES, -my problem is that the flamethrower did not make a return to zombies i mean come on it was a as much of a wunder weopon as a raygun or wuderwaffe... most of my strats required a flamethrower and now with it being gone (even from the original maps) i would rather pop WaW back in and enjoy em there. -yeah zombies is deffinately harder but thats alright i guess. its in a different league of difficulty than the old maps -one plus to this though is that the wuderwaffe glitch is fixed now i can actually use it on der riese sorry for rant, -FIW
  2. wait... will xbox 360 also have S/C MP? im confused...
  3. One. More. Hour. How long after can we expect it to be up online?
  4. thats interesting.. but i still think its talking about three teleporters being the trinity. but hey i have been wrong many times before :)
  5. F.I.W. I love [email protected] always will. i enjoyed the SP, more so than the science fiction MW2 campaign. :)
  6. yes i pre ordered the car thing... haha i was wondering how it would be powered... nuclear would have been pretty cool but i guess ill have to settle with batteries. which is really fine because i have a ton of rechargable AA's and AAA's. i still disaggree with the prestige edition coming with the car. they would have sold more if they put in a clapping monkey toy -nayt
  7. yeah i got a tgi fridays appetizer and then two cool backgrounds(which are probably already up all over google images by now) haha anyway i really want to win the madcatz controller so i dont have to fork out 50 big ones for it in best buy anyway good luck everyone:)
  8. ill be doing this for sure! i already have my [email protected] tag as CODZ too :)
  9. just a thought: maybe a pickup (such as nuke or max ammo) will enable a chopper gunner to come in for a while and the player could control it like a killstreak?!? reality: probably not but it would be cool none the less
  10. well IF they are using WWII guns in the 4 original [email protected] zombie maps(which im pretty sure they are) then it would be pretty easy to have them somewhere else in the game. Since they already have the Thompson and the ray gun in the code, it wouldn't be very hard to do so. Maybe they will do what BFBC2 did and have a random wwii gun in the MP tier just for fun. Hey its a game, im pretty sure you'll be happy with what treyarch ends up releasing in 42 days. I know i will be :)
  11. bottom right tv has a hallway with what looks to be a quick revive machine ... and its deffinately not from verruckt/SNN/DR
  12. i think its a cigarette but whatever the whole site brings a tear to my eye :)
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