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  1. It's possible, but the only weapon that's any good between them is the scavanger and it is even more rare than the ray gun.
  2. Okay, I had no Idea what they were, I've only ever played Cotd solo so I have yet to use them for the co-op Easter egg. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Okay, I have been skimming through the forums looking for anything like this. I didn't find anything that specifically mentioned them though, SO I ask this question. What is with the weird things near the light house that look like some type of light fixture, but when you use them they play a foghorn note or something that sounds like it? So far I have found three. On is on the left side of the shore for the water closest to the AK-74u out side, the next is in the same area next to the corner of the building, the third is in the back area with speed cola near the rock on land. Just what are these things? Are they connected to the lighthouse dials? Why has no one mentioned them before? Can anyone answer any of these questions?
  4. "I call Bullsh*t, zombies can't run!" and "Your running? George wouldn't be happy with you!"
  5. That is just the ambience music, it is on kino as well and just as lightly played. Anyway, I think there might be a connection to those dials and these weird things near the light house that play notes. If you look by the water closest to the light house base you should see a strange thing that almost looks like a light fixture, but if you try the use button on it the thing plays a long deep note. There is another by the corner of the building in the same area and another by the rock in the area with speed cola. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  6. I will say I'm 69(Te-he)% in agreement, the zombification and Timetravel make sense to him being there against you and looking older. But I still have a little issue with it. Clarke was a CHEMICAL engineer not a physicist, why would he be working with the Teleporters like he does as a Chemical Engineer, that doesn't make sense. But, after working however long he was there he may have learned his way with the teleporters so I will say it is Clarke. (If calling him an engineer isn't right I apologize, but that is the closest thing I could think to call him. ) Wait.... MAYBE.....he is actually....ISSAC CLARK!!!!115?!!!! :!: :!: In case you haven't played it, I was referring to Dead Space.
  7. I find the idea of a ladder that comes down and takes you to a secret gun to be preposterous. This reminds me of the Help door on Der Riese, and that led nowhere. The third tape however I have my reservation on. I think there could be a third tape but find it unlikely. But interesting story anyway.
  8. Dude! You just Mindraped everyone who doesn't understand the Basic concepts of String theory, among other things. I give you props for thinking about it like that. [brains] [brains] and more [brains] !!!!!115?!!!!!
  9. I wait until I can get The Bowie and by into the room from either of the second rooms away, so instantly once I get there. But I usually don't PaP a weapon until the twenties because it is kinda a waste having that much power, and I wait until I get decent weapons from the Mystery box and Buy all the perks before that. My best alone is round 34 on Kino.
  10. If you look at the two views of the killing of stiener you'll notice what Mason actually did was what Reznov did, while he saw it in his head as Reznov. So any moment when it is just you and Reznov you can basically swap their places at any time. That means that you could have been what he thought he did when Reznov was what he actually did. It's confusing but makes sense if you think hard enough and have brainwashed someone previously. :twisted:
  11. Yeah this may seem strange stupid or whatever but did anyone see the clock over the fence across from the mainframe in Der Reise. I looked at it and noticed that the clock has a second hand. It's small but it's there and it just keeps repeating the same five seconds over and over again. I'm posing this because of the whole "Right Before your eye" thing and just though maybe there is something there. Just musing a little. It may be nothing.
  12. FIrst to Limbsoup Stop trying to convice people to stop looking. If people want to search for something that "Might" be there let them, because what if there is? Second with the date I found was March 11 1942 MacArthur Leaves the Philippines Or November 3 1942 Hitler orders Rommel not to retreat at the battle of El Alamein. The first is at least a little useful to the Germans because it allows for better access to Japan. Maybe the meteor was in the Philippines?
  13. Maybe it's because after round ~15 or so you can get another WunderWaffe in your team. Me and My friend proved that much. I think around then the game takes the WW limit off in SNN.
  14. The prestige thing are only for 360 no problem for me though ps3 and I hate multiplayer
  15. All except that F***ing Sum of all Zeroes. My best is 39.
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