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  1. I'm sorry, but Treyarch doesn't do things like this on accident. They always said to pay close attention to EVERYTHNG that they did.
  2. What is this BIG secret?!?!? Haven't we found all the stuff we need to know for the storyline already. Whats missing from the storyline that you need to know??? What are you expecting when you find the 'Secret Of Der Reise'...? Hm? Just wondering...
  3. ...Activate flytrap round 5... Let teddys and monkey survive til round 8... simple...
  4. Might do PC, too, then. Need someone to host that too, then, also.
  5. Fluff, you said you can host it on the XBox? PM me if your truly interested/
  6. What if the switch that powers EVERYTHING isn't the one we've been turning on all this time? Also, in the trailer, the OTHER generator WAS powerd up.
  7. http://codzombies.forum0.net/dr-theorie ... -t1476.htm Discuss.
  8. Might add clue digging to the the event, good idea. Without Treyarch involvement. Another good idea that I might add, but I would need someone to help me launch the XBox side of this event.
  9. Sorry, PSN for more info. You have to be handpicked by me to know what this is about.
  10. If you have been invited already, lucky you. if you you haven't, then put your PSN ID below and I might add you. Info: Basically a run through of all the zombie maps, with CoDz users, from start to finish. More Info will be sent to you about the Event upon Invitation. Sorry I had to keep it vague, its sorta an exclusive Event. Confirmed Going warkittys init_birkie Benfeild I NEED SOMEONE TO HOST THIS ON XBOX TOO. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, PM ME. (Had to change the name so it didn't violate the rules of CoDz, so now its the *EPIC* Zombie Event)
  11. I don't believe he meant shooting the bears and monkey just randomly or something was too hard, I think he meant it was too hard to find the correct way to shoot them/the correct way to play hide and seek, and, if that's what he meant, then he's right, because we STILL haven't been able to do it.
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