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  1. I was watching Covert Affairs today(new spy show on USA) amd they had a show based on this kid who discovered some code on an old number station. I guess number stations were cold war era radio spy station things. Anyway when they showed the radio station talking it sounded exactly like the GkNova6 site. Exactly. It had the crappy music and then scratchy voice sayin numbers in a slow methodical pattern. I was like Holy Sh%t! I don't know what it means to you guys but maybe GkNova6 is a Number station Broadcast. Thanks for reading and sorry if somebody already mentioned this.
  2. Mosin Nagant w/Bayonet/Scope Colt M1911.45/Thompson w/silencer M2 Flamethrower Stopping Power[Core]/Overkill[Hardcore] Steady Aim/Dead Silence
  3. Incorrect, they are not just re-inventing the character of Reznov, It is THE VERY SAME Reznov that you knew in World at War. You can't see the whole uniform, It could easily say U.S.S.R. and the strap is just covering the latter half. You play as a Russian, on a team led by Reznov. Russia wasn't necassarily a bad guy in every aspect of the Cold War, and they too had "Black Ops" Teams everywhere. Go to http://blackops.digitalwarfare247.com/news/e3-round-up and click on the top right video. You can clearly see Reznov in the video and talks to you character 'Mason' in english and all that good stuff so yeah.....
  4. I'd like to know why their are NAZI zombies in a JAPANESE airfield base. Which is what NDU is. That's my question.
  5. 25 online with 4 people officially and unofficially ,don't hate me for it, but my friend and I went in a private match and we did the wall glitch and got to 42........... but that was for fun so don't hate.
  6. I think you should also be able to customize your 3,5,7 killstreaks. little off-topic: Totally in agreement love CoD4 and loved the MW2 storyline & spec ops(yes i love spec ops and anyone who can help me do wetwork on veteran for 360 plz send an invite to my gamertag 'biblibob') the only thing bad about MW2 is the multiplayer. And WaW is amazing and I think IW could make a comeback if and only if they do a major overhaul on the MP.
  7. Throughout all your posts I have never read anything you have said that made me so embarrassed to even read it................ Just for clarification, while the 141 isn't a Task Force now, they are based off a real group who does do special missions around the world and does contain multinational personnel. So yes they do technically exist and Russia would most definitely get owned by U.S in any war, I'm in agreement with you their. Just because we spend more money on defense contracts and technology than any other nations combined.
  8. I've got an idea that will probably get rid of killstreak camping but also let you enjoy a 3,5,7 but still want a 15 killstreak. Once you get your 7 killstreak when you shoot 3 more people you get radar again then at 12 kills you get another airstrike and at 15 you get another chopper and so on and on until you die
  9. I like the wall-stalker idea because it would be epic if all of a sudden your reparing a window and..............BAM!!!! you get owned in the face by a group a shadowy wall-stalker but wait! Your in the light so they arn't instant-kills so you're still alive and there dying! You will live run fool run!!!!!!Then good 'ol biblibob bust round the corner with his trusty PPSh-41/AUG and blast those biatches back into the wall. You welcome rynnwraith.
  10. You got to admit tho if they did (u know as an ad campaign) then they would be genius. I mean what more do we need to explode this explosion over GkNova6 than a free DLC for WaW Zombies that gives MORE hints to the epicness of BO and its zombies? Then Treyarch would make the ultimatly BA BO more BA before its even realeased.
  11. The language is French. Yeah it says "Here video of Nazi zombie on cod5 on PC with tireurcoco, james45, bosses and me same zombie44 " And it looks sweet.
  12. I hate the MW2 multiplayer. The only time I play online in Mw2 is in a private match playing Michael Myers or Cops&Robbers. A good example of perfect Grenade Launcher usage is in Bad Company 2. In Bad Company 2 all the guns are perfectly balanced. Well at least in hardcrore which is all I play. The point is in bc2 yes your gl kills in one hit and can devastate many targets but its not famously overpowered like mw2s. For instance Qwerl my family comes from a long line of military men too and I (also 15) might join the Navy to be a Marine Scout Sniper. I know what your talking about and I can confirm most of what your saying. Except however the .50 part. A .50 from a mile away doesn't blow you to bits but it does hit with more force than a .44 hollow point round at point blank, which is to say you will die and you will have massive holes in you. My grandpa (may God rest his soul) Was an old navy dog and has several (unusable) .50 rounds from his sniper and they are about 4 or 5 inches long (the actual bullet is only about an inch long) So yeah deah from a mile or so away! AND THEY ARE LOUD!!!!!!!!
  13. Dude if I didn't already have God you would be him with that 110% Thank-You. [brains]
  14. REZNOV is in Black Ops!!!!!! Confirmed! Go to http://blackops.digitalwarfare247.com/ and click on the "Treyarch Interested in Natal + Move" article. Its all there.
  15. I think they killstreaks should be customizable, BUT instead of camping for your 11 killstreak ac130 do a thing like instead of artillery at 5 you can have napalm and at 7 instead of a helicopter you can have a tank come in. something like this: 3-radar,thermal radar, or something along those lines. 5-artillery,napalm run,anti-tank run, carpet bombing, etc etc 7-attack huey,attack hind, tank, etc etc and because i hate getting a 15 killstreak on cod4. 10-radar stuff 15-artillery stuff 17-helicopter stuff like repeating killstreaks but the same ones.
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