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  1. It's definitely connected.
  2. Wow. You've really found something, check this out. THe GK Persei nova was a part of the book Beyond the Wall of Sleep by H. P. Lovecraft This story was about telepathy and a mental ward. They made a movie based on it in 2006. the cover looks just like the mask in the zombie videos. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4255355392/tt0279688 H.P LoveCraft is also considered the father of modern day zombies http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5431380/is_hp_lovecraft_the_father_of_the_modern_pg2.html?cat=38
  3. how about Henry Langham. Mr. Hanley Hang Stupid waste of time I thought these kind of threads were going to be removed?
  4. Don't know if this is accurate, or already posted (though I did look), but they posted some of the perk adjustments coming to black ops. http://www.callofduty-community.com/mod ... black-ops/
  5. I don't know if this has been brought up or anything, but Decrypting Cryptographic Ciphers for dummies has a section about a page from catcher in the rye being part of a running cipher http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/d ... phers.html
  6. hmmm, i wonder if your lack of proof reading is another part of the code.
  7. Just in case, i did the whole temporal analysis thing on it at work. I might be doing it wrong, but I found nothing of interest.
  8. Really? Are you sure? I would think that would have been one of the first things done to it.
  9. Transmition7 is just the audio of the guy breathing and background noise, about 46 seconds worth. if you go to www.gknova6.com/transmission7.mp3 you can download the whole file. I just did. I think the reason the password is giving you trouble is that it looks like it's encrypting/decrypting it. Common to do with passwords. I noticed this function decrypt(str) for the most part though it looks like most of the script is to handle transitions with the tweener class, I'll keep looking at it, but I think it's as mikeh says and they will only be loading up resources as they are ready.
  10. If they don't have zombies I wont buy it and if they do have zombies it's the first thing i will want to see.
  11. PM me the details, I can read actionscript
  12. has anyone tried entering the numbers for the password as while listening to the phone recording? Just thinking, maybe theres an extension or a password like on an answering machine
  13. Nice. This is the first thing I've heard that even closely says their might be zombies.
  14. Looks like a breakdown of one of those java or flash scripts that let you click on say europe, then say italy, then maybe northern italy and so on and so forth. Probably doesn't pertain to zombies.
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