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  1. http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=393587 I put alot of though into this lol, little too much.
  2. Yes rangers all the way! and Canada would help! P.s Canadian Soldier goes through same training as the Rangers! not the reg. army
  3. Great catch! That is just around the corner! APRIL 8th! thats tommorow!. OMG im so excited to see if theres any new intel on the new game! and great stuff guys, really. I dont know how you can sum all of this up. For me this would take weeks :lol:
  4. OMG! see thats why I dont like MW2 very much ..... To easy. All the big kill streaks ruin it.
  5. God Treyarch is so creative when it comes to this stuff! Just cant wait for CoD7
  6. Like really! what the hell is going on over there! :shock:
  7. I always turn on the radio! . Get the adrenaline pumping for killing freak bags!
  8. Well this got my attention. I think im gonna have a little round of Der Riese to see what this is all about.
  9. haha, yea I can see were your comming from with that but this map, to me, looks pretty damn good for just fans who made it.
  10. Dont pay attention to the title due to the fact i don't know what language it is but this is the most creative zombie map made by the fans! like really, it has weather effects along with Day time and night time! EDIT: I don't know who made this map but i would sure like to send this to Treyarch and maybe refurbish this map for a nice DLC bonus.
  11. Selow, Cliffhanger and hanger!
  12. YES! if not you will get bored fast! on the other hand when does PS3 get double xp?
  13. I play it more then I play MW2! hit me up if you play on the ps3.....ID: PfcVerge
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