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  1. It seems romero has given my xbox RROD- oh well, it was fun while it lasted- wait... no it wasn't :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :x :x :x
  2. i agree the map looks excellent, but for me it's ruined by the romero zombie. frustrating
  3. but in NDU, verruckt and der reise- People always seemed to do a last stand in one place- and personally i found it very fun. i'm sure a lot of people would agree that the cod 5 zombie maps were more fun that the newer BO ones.
  4. but a lot of people enjoy camping in zombies?
  5. IMO Call of the dead has been completely ruined by george remero as a zombie boss. The map looks like a good map but i cant enjoy it because i'm constantly being attacked by him. I play zombies so that i can have fun while i kill endless amounts of zombies and bathe om their blood- but with an 8 foot tall seemingly invincible zombie boss attacking me at all times- its very hard to enjoy zombie killing. Idk, am i missing something with this map? Is there an easy way to get rid of this guy? This has really pissed me off because i was looking forward to a good zombie map with classic zombie killing- but instead ive been shoveled this shit. Just felt like i needed to post this somewhere. :)
  6. i usaully end games 1st or 2nd but i have a feeling that i wouldn't really feel right in a group of people who also do this well- mainly because i never perform when it matters. piss take really But- if your up for some casual above average games- im ur man. im 17 btw
  7. Courtyard from COD WAW and firing range from Black Ops too
  8. i had that problem with my old 360- it just sits in the corner now gathering dust but i bought a second hand one for £25- but i think it has a similar problem i'd recommend just buying a brand new one so that the only way it could break is if the squishy human controlling it did something to it (you).
  9. ive actually soved the problem now- turns out that the disk was and is still slightly fucked- i just cleaned it with "water" from my mouth and it works now. Definatly a disk issue then
  10. I got a new second hand 360 after my last one had a DVD drive problem but im having a problem with ascension Everytime i try to load ascension it freezes at the loading screen (usaully near the end) but the xbox itself still works Im hoping that it isnt another issue with the DVD drive- but i have heard of other people having this problem. btw- ive tried re downloading it.... but it stays the same btwbtw- all the multiplayer first strike maps work fine. :x
  11. lol "pratt point" on the map (west side)
  12. Black Ops is the best COD ever, people who prefer MW2 are the people who get annoyed when they realise they cant camp becuase of the brilliant RC-XD. I agree that it requires much more skill than anything Infinity Ward can do- and is therefore better- And the decision to remove stopping power and juggernaut from MP was an excellent one. LONG LIVE TREYARCH! 1 problem though- Zombies is way too hard!!!!!!!!!!
  13. should run at 60 frames per second - not sure what's happening with your ps3 * try installing it to your hard drive
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