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  1. I have Chapters 11-14 written but need to be typed. I want to Start Chapter 15 but I will need feedback of you guys on what I should do for 15 but you will see what I mean later. The end is nigh but for the Final Countdown I will either end it where it stands or wait for BO2 for more map ideas. I am available for discussion on the matter (Der Riese ftw) and I have 2 endings in mind. The question is which one. EDIT: I have decided upon a kick-ass ending to end it all stay tuned :)
  2. wow this is really good...keep it up!
  3. I know i was very stubborn to start out, I will give this a shot as it seems like it could work. I kinda would want to keep my lovely green but it does give me an even bigger objective of just attaining Dweller if I really want to keep my color.
  4. OH YEAHHHH...thats right because of there being no M rating. When there is the M Rating there is Suggestive Themes on the description which is where the Nazi symbolism falls under i believe. With iOS there is no rating (or at least no M Rating) so they have to get rid of all of that. That is what happened with one of the WaW multi maps I believe in one of the trailers (the one with the pillars in the middle.) You saw the Iron Cross in the Trailer because of the rating problem but ingame it is the swastika
  5. Sorry to sorta derail this but has anyone come to a conclusion what that jail cell looking thing is in the loading screen for Ascension?
  6. *rubs eyes is distraught-ness(?)* Why did they have to do that? WHYYYY.... Sorry bout that. Now we have another thing from the iPod versions to think about. I HOPE it is something to do with the story, mainly because it gives me something to think about now but I have a feeling it isn't. We just have to wait and see.
  7. : Maybe If I was frying on shrooms. YESSSSSS !! you deserve brains for making my day.....I was ultimately gonna give it to whoever would make the first pot/any drug joke about Pink Floyd :lol:
  8. I have to admit for 5 I would prob just pick random and cry as I am pressing X to select it...Same with COTD.... ALWAYS SMG....never wasnt....always her sorry i prob had nightmares about it :lol:
  9. I actually enjoyed Takeo in S-L tbh....I was shocked.
  10. *Shouts to crowd* I like this man's thinking. I loved the whole idea of teleporting to "different planets" a.k.a. a different map or skybox....I LOVED the Kino concept too.
  11. Just imagine....you buy or get all perks.....and you hear that guitar riff. It's Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd Anyone? Anyone? Or even better....Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd Cmon i could go forever lol :lol:
  12. I hate how my friend likes Tank and I love Richtofen..... AND EVERY TIME I'm in a private match with him I'm Tank and he's Richtofen So yes in Private only
  13. Can't tell you how happy i was :lol:
  14. I have always been in favor of them releasing a MP and Zombie Pack seperate. I am starting to believe that Activision is afraid that their sales could decrease if they did this though. BUT for the people who play both like get the other pack at a discounted price if you wanna purchase both
  15. That is so true. WaW zombies is sooooo underrated it makes me sick. As a fellow PS3er I am praying that Acti wont renew that contract every PS3 person wants to burn. :twisted:
  16. See the only prob with map modifications is that everyone requested this with the new classic maps but we didnt get it.
  17. I'd agree with you on most parts here. I LOVE the WW2 guns but i guess i should just pop in WaW 8-)
  18. So basically I am taking facts about the maps and yes you do kinda have to have prior knowledge to some easter eggs. If there is also any confusion....the sections directly affecting Nikolai's recruitment and Takeo's "events" are flashbacks told by Tank. I have realized it is kinda confusing with continuity issues and I will try to revise them. If you say specific parts I could clear it up :D
  19. I'm really getting tired of only buying map packs for zombies. Let's just leave it at that lol
  20. Basically, we have tried for 12 pages lmao. I have no comment furthur as I am enraged that Der Riese will never be solved lol. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3662
  21. I apologize lol because I was VERY confused yesterday But seriously I was having trouble grasping what your stances were and now I know lol. So what do you feel like could be in the VR11?
  22. I saw ure reply on the other thread lol but I feel like Modern Poland, Russia, and the Himalayas are compressed enough to be the targets. If they were truly trying to destroy the atmosphere, then they would've seperated them and they didn't. Next, is what is in that VR11 that brings them back to life just like that? I feel like that could play a strong part in the story. If 115 is radioactive, the atom will go through its half-life cycle until either it evens out i think or it just disappears. Think of it this way to clear it up. When you go to the dentists or doctors and they make you put on the lead vest and they leave the room. It's because constant exposure will give you cancer. 115 is radioactive as long as the Zombies' 115 is the same as the Periodic Table's 115 It can reanimate the dead but it also has the POTENTIAL to kill you over time. I also feel like you would need just as much of a source to reanimate as you would to kill. This is proven by the Multitude of 115 rocks lying around.
  23. So I've come to realize a crazy thought... There are 4 maps with the moon in it but we can exclude Nacht. That leaves Der Riese, Ascension, and Shangri-La Those could be 3 very plausible arguements for targets imo
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