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  1. Lets just hope this is true for the console version of the game. Tired of hanging outside on Moon where Mule Kick is, someone in the Biodome throws a Gersch and Moon Man moonwalks his way to me...Backwards...Was funny now just gets annoying... Also tired of the Excavators being hacked but still manage to break the tunnels and they are clearly at their starting points o.O... Tired of the audio on the older maps making it sound like the zombies are everywhere, sounding like you are talking as for example Dempsey when you are Takeo, shooting the Trench Gun when holding the Carbine o.O
  2. Sounds easy typed this way. But let me ask you something, how the heck do you manage to tutrn the power before the end of round 1 :?: The earliest me and my friends can turn the power on is 3 ( 3 player game ). Before the end of round 1??? Also can hack the button and terminals as early as Round 2? Dang, if only my friends and I were this good. Yes we did the egg and all but man, Power during round 1, Samantha says during round 1, hack button and terminals in round 2...Would love a way to do this....
  3. Not to sound like the norm here but their song "Beauty of Annihilation" was way better than this...If this is the song you get after clicking all 3 Teddy Bears through-out the map then it's a good thing my in-game music is turned Off...She has better songs from the older maps...This song is not one... Yes she is singing from Samantha's point-of-view but there was no need for allthe screaming. It actually ruins the song...In my opinion, they should have stuck with their sound from the older maps like Verruckt and Der Riese. Those were worth the listen to over and over again. Just for the record, I'm into House, Dance, Club Mix, Techno (with house beat), Pop/Dance...
  4. I had this happen in a game we had few hours ago...We were mad because we all had Juggs, Speed...I had Juggs, Speed, Stamin-Up and Flopper...We were so close to finishing the first half of the egg when Tunnel 11 was getting ready to be breached...We cleared the round and we all headed towards the Receiving Bay to stop it...The one with Hacker needed an escort because Tunnel 11 was breached earlier in the game...Same with Tunnel 6...We arrived at the Receiving Bay before it started to excavate. He hacked it successfully because he got the points for it (1000)...It was actually BACKING to it's start point...We get back to the Biodome / Mule Kick area (I camp at Mule Kick to ease the pain in the Biodome..Also helps spread the zombies out a bit instead of all 3 players in the same spot...Gives me a headache with the amount you get)....I got to the Mule Kick machine when I noticed the excavator backing up but the arm was still coming down :? ... Few moments later the computer voice says "Warning! Massive decompression in Tunnel 11. PES required" We were like "WTF!? :?" Needless to say we started over because our game went down the crapper after that This issue needs to get corrected. Along with sound issues..Can't tell you how annoying it is to be in the Biodome or Science Labs with air and no helmet but you hear as though you're still wearing the helmet. Also the glitch/bug where zombies act like there is gravity and air when in fact there is not or vise-versa...Little misleading when a zombie thinks there is no air and gravity when in fact there is :?
  5. Wish I could play with people from Treyarch in Live public matches .. No fair others get all the fun kicking some of their butts considering they made the game lol....Guess I'm either never lucky enough or they don't play HCTDM...That's all I'll play...That and Core TDM...A guy can dream can't he!? (Nikolai on Moon about ammo)
  6. I'm in it as I type this. Though the site itself is saying Chat [0] .. Weird :?
  7. Title screen??? This is what she says backwards??? I've been trying to figure out what she says at the end of the intro music to the map when on the loading screen on solo
  8. Vaguley...Sounds like whispering....Hmmmm.....
  9. Thanks for posting the quotes. Can't WAIT to hear them from her voice...HEHEHE They sound interesting.....Looking forward to completing the Egg...Wish my friends knew how to :shock:
  10. Anyone able to post a sound board with ALL her available quotes? There are sound boards for all other characters in the game...Would be nice to help with the voting anyway
  11. The Excavators are the like the Random/Mystery Box. Completly random. There is no pattern. There is nothing you can do in the game to "force", as you will, Excavator Pi to breach Tunnel 6. This is a very common question. Sorry but it's random.
  12. Not true. I have gotten the wire after round 9 when power was on. While we were doing Cryogenic Slumber party when you fill the tube. Around round 12.
  13. If he did both Call of the Dead and Shangri-La Easter Eggs. Have him host. Who ever is Richtofen look closely and you should see the Golden Rod with a Red centre-type ball-thing. The centre of the Golden Rod should be red. This should help
  14. Do the Excavators ever stop on their own? Rumor has it they stop after 5-6 rounds on their own. I have yet to witness this myself however. Again just rumor. Can ALL Excavators be active at once? Yes Hope this helps
  15. He may not be replying because maybe once he read about the wire he realized he was having a dee deedee moment? lol kidding Seriously though, he may have read Wire and was like "Dang it! Must check again"
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