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  1. Yes back in the start of 2011 in the chat room.
  2. Hey guys, I was trying to reverse the GeoCode and when i did the code - 34.34E76B,-AFC.2FD106541 I got 7 possible sets of longitude and no sets of latitude. I was on Google earth for a while and one of he longitude codes sent me to... Kowloon If i remember that was a map on BO and a mission on the single player. This may or may not help i am not to bothered about BO2 I was just bored. Do what you want with this info. Bye. =)
  3. When you're at the stage, open up the door near the M16. If you look through the cracks of two of the steps, forgetting which ones right now, there is a suitcase with a piece of paper on top of it. This is non-interactive, but I'm sure this has something to do with the back story of Zombies. Sorry if anyone has seen this i just havnt found anyone with this posted
  4. I said at the very top that this isnt my work
  5. Welcome, and thanks for the help everyman on this investigation is accepted :D
  6. Thanks to MrRoflWaffles :D
  7. 'Beware of the 6' May come into work here I think the two 'people' may be more hero's and if you go to the blank portrait on Kino with ritchofen he says one day soon master - L.Maxis maybe ?
  8. Ok, I’m going over the files under the vbush login for the Dreamland system and in one of the files, Dr. Maxis personal file, he talks about how Sophia has grown attracted to him. It may be a clue for Sophia’s password…
  9. http://www.the-islander.org.ac/webcam/ ^^ link to the island
  10. http://bigdah.gamerkage.com/black-ops-a ... ealed.html
  11. Ok so i found this on a site and i think he may be right as·cen·sion /əˈsɛnʃən/ [uh-sen-shuhn] –noun 1. the act of ascending; ascent. 2. the Ascension, the bodily ascending of Christ from earth to heaven. 3. ( initial capital letter ) Ascension Day Since the map name is capitalized, we’ll assume it’s not the act of ascending (unless of course as others have pointed out there could be a lighthouse or something to “ascend”, which actually does tie right into the rest of the pieces we have), then we’re left with the Ascension of Jesus Christ to Heaven (highly doubtful this has anything to do with Zombie killing) or a little island in the south Atlantic called “Ascension”. This is where the secrets begin to unfold… Ascension Island is located in the South Atlantic ocean, between South America and Africa (Last piece of intel has to do with something in 1978… Africa… Mason…. a man named Jonathan… sound familiar yet?) but to make things easier, I’m just going to paste the references we’ll care about (Source: Wikipedia.org) “The main island has an area of approximately 91 km2. A volcanic peak rising from just west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, much of the island is a wasteland of lava flows and cinder cones; no fewer than forty-four distinct craters have been identified.” A Volcanic peak would likely need to be ascended however I’m not going to assume that’s what it means, just helps for descriptive purposes. “The Spanish explorer João da Nova, sailing for Portugal, is believed to be the first to discover the island (in 1501), but he did not report it. When in 1503 Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese navigator sighted the island on Ascension Day in the church calendar, he named it for that day.” João da Nova…. NOVA6 gas… strange coincidence? “The only action during World War II occurred on 9 December 1941. At around mid-day, the U-boat U-124 approached Georgetown on the surface with the intention of sinking any ships at anchor or shelling the cable station. A two-gun shore battery at Cross Hill, above Georgetown, fired on the submarine. The guns scored no hits but the U-boat submerged and retreated. ” People stationed on a remote, ultra quiet island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in World War II… sounds like the perfect setting for a Zombie attack… “During World War II, to supply and augment extensive amphibious aircraft antisubmarine patrol operations ongoing from the early days of the war, the United States built an airbase on Ascension Island, known as “Wideawake”, after a nearby colony of Sooty Terns (locally called ‘Wideawake’ birds because of their loud, distinctive call, which would wake people early in the morning).” Not that this has much to do with everything, but it’s interesting to see that this is just yet another location where the British and the American allied forces worked together, but keeping in COD style, it’s a far less known about place and has plenty of mystery around it… perfect for.. you guessed it, Zombies! If you really want to get a closer view of Ascension Island, click here for a website that has a live webcam feed right at a dock on the shore. I just checked it out and it looked perfectly cloudy at sunset and I think I saw a zombie swimming in the water. So aside from just the physical location of the island, there would have to be a location on the island where the Zombie invasion would take place right? Ok, well since there isn’t much going on there, I went ahead and found some satellite images of the island and found the locations of what appears to be 4 or 5 distinct settlements of barracks or other random buildings as well as the lone remaining airstrip.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMtPhsqZ ... sponse_rev I also find this interesting
  13. http://www.xboxmb.com/forum/76-call-dut ... codes.html I suggest u take a look at these passwords and logins
  14. You just lost all credibility with that statement :L Ye it was a sppof thing on youtube Wanted to see who would fall for it
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