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  1. Remember the glitch on asylum, you could jump into the wall on the first floor and then put a rubber band on your trigger with the flamethrower and then goto bed and it would just go on and on...
  2. Sam

    BO3 Nuketown?

    Think they will make another Nuketown? Do you want another Nuketown or is it played out? I always wished they would have opened it up to the whole block, but I guess that would take away from what Nuketown is.
  3. Xbox One all the way! I really wish they would release some old zombies maps for XB1 to hold us over.
  4. yea, it looks like the shield is mounted on one of those hand carts
  5. i think the circular deal near the middle is a perk bottle cap. new perk maybe.
  6. prett sure they are just generic vehicles and not licensed, and it.has been known awhile that its 1975-ish and maybe its an abandened boarded up theater not in use at the time?
  7. IW, doesn't even have most of their key talent that the other games were made with, so it just won't be the same no matter what. The 2 bosses that ran the show are gone, thats change enough, let alone the rest that left with them.
  8. depends on how the game is and what the content exactly is compared to what is standard. As of right now, the answer is yes I will pay, esp. if it weeds out the quitters, whiners, annoyers, cheats ect., oh and can't forget the little prepubes that scream and curse all night long. I didn't mind what first strike cost at all. Now if it has to do with the free to play CoD, then I'll have to see it first.
  9. think there is a way to keep the thing spinning in the 1st room or do a step when it spins? isnt that what that thing is for not just to hit zombies
  10. 4 death machines would take that rocket out hella quick, lol
  11. Walmart .com says its a available for pre order
  12. I hope its not like the pawn shop scene from Pulp Fiction. Also, I always order at least the hardened version or limited, ect., then downgrade if I find out there is crap coming, just in case there is any shortages.
  13. yes, this has been available, IW had touted it also, the problem was that M$ and $ony want to test any updates b4 devs push them out. So they only do it on pc.
  14. I thought sp was the best WWII sp to date, I even played Vendetta tonight just for the hell of it. Ppl just like to hate, why else would someone even waste they're time bringing it up. Just like the ones that MAKE an account just to bust on a game in the forums. Like ragging on spawns, yes some suck, but when L.O.S. is covered almost everywhere on a small map, the game has to drop you somewhere when you force it to, (skipping killcam, ect.) but ppl still bitch up a storm. You know they love the game, or they would not talk about it. For instance, I am not a big Halo fan, but I have NEVER said a bad thing about the game, spammed a forum or twitter, or even made an account on something Halo related so I could voice my opinions, doesn't really weigh down my brain that much, don't care for space games, oh well!
  15. Sam


    ok, my take on what is on the screen, if I had to take a guess, if you think about all the times you have played COD, in 1st person fashion, they look like some normal hands, poss. bloody or wrapped in bandages, sitting (or strapped) to a chair, w/ your arms sitting on the arm rests, (leaning back in my pc chair, I get similar effects) then I think of the trailer, with the mad doctor talking throughout to who ever is strapped in to, maybe that chair? :shock: Also, everything is about promoting Cod:BO, not the zombie mode, new, transmissions, interviews w/ trey in the news, Cod:Bo on the cover of OXM, ect. They have tons of content, new and untouched content, that spans post wwII to present day, and it was all full of conspiracies, so they will have no problem introducing zombies, and tying it into the story line at all. Just not before pushing the main game. (in response to "zomfg zombie hands", or to "this is for a zombie game!" post) ;)
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