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  1. Odd how nobody's spotted the SPAS but they have it in the images.
  2. I am sorry about that! I forgot about the veterans now that there are only about ten left (including me... Those were tough days back on the original codz...) >Flashback I know whatcha mean, life was tough when I first signed up too. *Has flashback to a couple minutes ago*
  3. Thanks for the information, guys. I don't think this site will take long to get settled into. And yes, I love Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 1 is the best, though.
  4. Ah, I see. You have been very helpful. [brains] 's for you! EDIT: Eventually... Apparently I have already exhausted my brains giving for the day.
  5. I have a question: Where do people get those neat "TAKEO" and "DEMPSEY" things under their names? Does it come with rank or something? Do you get to choose it?
  6. Yeah, a sort of reset is due. Counter Earth would be great for that. Not to mention they could do some crazy cool shit with the art and layout when not confined to real earth-ish places. Or is counter Earth exactly the same geographically?
  7. Exactly, because at some point they'll have a map where you're fighting on a space volcano inside a giant robotic Romero who is simultaneously fighting Galactus. It is at that point that Zombies has lost its cha- Wait a minute. That sounds fucking amazing. Someone get Treyarch on the line!
  8. I would prefer counter-earth to MOAR space or just another post-apocalyptic setting. I always find crazy scientific theories and myths to be the most interesting part of COD Zombies. The mode needs a goddamn campaign.
  9. I like your ideas, particularly the attachment machine and more map interaction. However I don't quite understand what the whole "Instant kill Element" section was about. Care to elaborate? Is it a nerf, buff, or new power up all together? I think PHD flopper is fine as is, considering suicide bombing zombies by cooking a grenade and running into a horde is one of the GREATEST THINGS EVER. I like the pro idea, it would save space but not be too OP as long as they balance the price. A boss round would be great. A round where all the zombies are gone and you have to kill George Romero to continue, or something, and he gets harder every few rounds (Taking a cue from Gears 3 of course) Semtex would be cool. I would even take it a step further and suggest C4. Imagine the suicide bombing plots you could create with some C4 and PHD flopper! EDIT: Okay, I reread the instant kill section. I agree that traps shouldn't get insta-kill (Though most of them kill super good without it anyway), but grenades should remain as-is.
  10. Thank you for your kind words. I assume brains have something to do with zombification, right? Is that good?
  11. I've been lurking for awhile now, finally decided to get off my ass and register so I could stalk personal profil- Er, I mean contribute. Hello errybody my name is Merchant. EDIT: S'pose I should say a little somethin'. I recently purchased Black Ops during Black Friday (Fitting amirite) because I wanted to play some of that zombies that I loved oh so much in WAW. Little did I know I would become so obsessed with it and now here I am with Call of the Dead, Shangri-La and Rezurrection purchased. This game is awesome. I would post my GT but my internet lags to the depths of hell and back on zombies for some reason. My favorite map is probably a close threeway tie between Der Riese, Call of the Dead, and Kino btw.
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