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  1. The pig keeps me entertained when i circle him endlessly and hop out the winders when i feel the need!
  2. Lmao you teleport whore. You cant tele more than like 5 times per teleporter per round Why would you teleport anyways unless you like dogs ofcourse
  3. When you get back from earth.. If all of your teammates somewhat slowly make their way to first airlock before the labs and run to the dome at the same time you get less zombies. I do this on 2 player and there always just 1 crawler who spawns behind me. If i go as fast as i can theres usually a whole bunch of zombies crowding the labs. Just gotta learn to dodge zombies kindaaaa
  4. When i get some more time i will be editing it ... alot.
  5. moonbro


    :D Will do, thanks.
  6. maybe you should tell people that if they dont have good internet connection it's gunna kick them :o
  7. moonbro


    Hey everyone! Uhm.. nice to meet you?
  8. Many of you clicked on my thread because you wanted to learn how to ... get the 40k pts by the round 10 .... right? Well im finna teach you how! - I get 60k by 11 - 1st part is you wana find one good partner who can run a train and is good with a bowie knife I play 2 player so we dont have to worry bout other ppl , we get mad pts, and i dont have to spend an extra 5.. yes 5 hours to get to round 60. When you start the game re start a couple times until you each have about 1k pts from knifing before the buzzer goes off. Once you do that one person will stand in the very back behind the teleporter while you run a train around the map.... --theresmany different trains.... you gotta think why treyarch put objects there and figure out how to work with the zombies.. i found numerous figure 8's i can run very well without being touched.-- You run the circle a couple times knifing dogs until the whole map is gathered .. then your partner willl run next to you with the train following behind. You want to run the train behind the pack A PUNCH machine then shoot to get 200-350 pts per clip If done right ~Note: dogs will fly back 20 feet sometimes when runing behind pap machine WIERD!~ You and your partner will have about 2-2.5k points each and 2 grenades left if done correctly. When out of bullets throw all of your grenades at the same time and book it to the teleporter and prone behind your partner - Human shield and dogs dont hit u as often - Once you arrive wait a couple seconds and slowly make your way alll the way to the hacker. *NOT TO SLOW* You and your teammate will want to press and hold x on the hacker at the same time to each get a hacker.- The Zombies will have breached like 6 windows if you went slow enough and thats like 600 extra pts . While your still on the 1st round have ur partner hack the doors to earth while you watch the crawler. Ok you both go to earth now its 1 hit knife for awhile! *not sure how long but 2nd buzzer still 1 hit*So as soon as you spawn run down to the first swamp knife a couple zombies. Run back to the teleporter and hold them off as long as u can as it is one hit kill without being to sketchy! Add those points up that could be another 1k pts each! You arrive back at earth. Kill the crawler when you reach the labratories. Hack each window 2 times while killing zombies to maximize your pts - you guys could each have a bowie knife if you hack your partner pts- Save a zombo! Go back to earth with a bowie knife. If your partner doesnt have a knife he should stay back. Be careful while you do not have juggernog its easy to die! Use your knife carefully to get the 2500 pts for juggernog. After getting juggernog you can knife and get enough pts to buy you and your partner a bowie knife, jugg, flopper. When you arrive back at the moon go to the labs.. hack your partner pts.. let him get a knife and flopper. Kill the crawler... your now on round 3. do not kill the last zombie. You now need to go back to earth both pap'ing you pistols. If your partner didnt get enough for juggernog he can stay in the back with his pistol and flopper while you keep knifing. By the time you want to go back to the moon you will have enough pts to hit the box 10 times and get whatever perks you want. Start round 4.... save another zombie... go back to earth let partner get juggernog. Now both of you can knife like crazy and shoot ur mustang n sally when times get tough. You should have enough pts where you dont know what to do with them if you keep going back to earth every other round. If you follow this sloppy guide you will have a pap gun by round 5 FO SHO
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