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  1. Let's see... Stopping Power, Juggernaut, Special Weapon, That stupid 3 killstreak RC car, OMA, Commando, No recoil guns, campers, I also think that diving thing is stupid... and quickscopers.
  2. I usually use Harrier, Pred, and Choppa Gunna, but as of now it's Sentry-Precision-Attack Choppa ( for the challenges) Well. No. It wouldn't be MW1 then, if he wanted to call a killstreak thing MW1 it would be in that order I said. MW1 DIDN'T have a Harrier.
  3. I always use 1. Care Package 2. Predator Missile 3. Harrier Airstrike I ALWAYS use those.
  4. 4th Prestige 41... I may be stopping at 5th though... It's getting REALLY boring.
  5. I think some maps are worth it, I should know. Microsoft was paying them A LOT of money, for xbox exclusives. Not to start a Flame war or anything, but I love xbox.
  6. SCAR-H Silencer Spas 12 w/ Grip Sleight of Hand Stopping Power Steady Aim or Commando Semtex Stun
  7. I don't like Bailout that much, way too many people camping in the one House with the balcony. But I like the CoD4 maps way better now.
  8. I don't think they're that bad, I haven't been nuked in a long time. But IMO I think nukes are ruining the WHOLE game.
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