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  1. A Youtuber by the name NikkiVengeance released the video a few minutes ago, it is the full song, so I recommend using video2mp3.net so you can download it before it get's taken down by Activision. Enjoy! gy1RscSk1lM
  2. Possibly, as when it is upgraded it becomes the G115 Generator. [brains] 4 you sir, for trying
  3. Probably to tell you the gun is gone, but it could have another meaning.
  4. :L This made me LOL. Thanks though!
  5. This does seem to only happen in split-screen, when it happens to me it seems to be related to the ThunderGun. Like you said only one person can see it as well.
  6. Please try if possible, I will give you brains after. :)
  7. Recently, I have seen many people discussing the fact that Sam wants 115, and that we need to Pack-A-Punch all the guns which have 115 in their name after and after reading about the PaP machine, I had a brainwave :geek:. Maybe we are not supposed to take the gun from the machine. If a gun is left in the Pack-A-Punch machine, a timer will start and when it ends, an alarm will sound. So this may be 'the key to the lock' in a way, and could unlock something, show us a new easter egg or do nothing at all. I don't have access to my Xbox atm, so could someone try this if possible? Post video results afterwards. I think we may be on to something here.
  8. Please can someone help me with resizing pics?
  9. Probably won't have found anything as it was discovered when SNN came out 2 years ago. Anyways [brains] for you as you are looking for stuff
  10. His name is Nikolai. This has been found before, but well done. It says 'Nikolai's Vodka' I think from memory.
  11. So what do you want Treyarch to do next? Take your pick and give a reason why. I'd like them to make a film describing how it happened and showing the fire-power four (Takeo, Dempsey, Richtofen and Nikolai) fighting through the classic maps. They could then make a sequel for the new maps. :P
  12. It does not overwrite the video on YouTube, only on the CoD: HQ. Hope this helps!
  13. When it comes out, someone should send a grenade up the conveyor belt, get a kill and upload it.
  14. I think they only played on three/four maps, not sure.
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