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  1. The homepage contains the links to all transmissions with breakdowns and images. All of the above images and more can be found here http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/home/i ... Itemid=111. I think most people look around on the forums and not really the main page for information. Although there may be some threads in the GkNova6 section with plenty more info.
  2. There has already been discussion about that in this thread viewtopic.php?f=16&t=261. Also as a note phil please use the forum search function to look up topics/information before you create new ones. Almost all of the information regarding gknova6 has been researched. Also please try and combine some of the matter which is related into one single thread instead of making a thread for every idea. Thanks, Shri
  3. shri046


    Most of you may already know this but the login name for the cPanel link is gknovasi. I have tried multiple combinations for the password (including the forgot password thing that sent out my IP address as well ) but nothing has worked so far. Also I think the main email for the webmail is [email protected]
  4. I think we need separate topics for ranks, medals, badges, perks etc. Just a place where we can get everyone's opinion on what they would like - be it the WaW like settings or something custom more related to zombies.
  5. shri046

    Reputation points

    I'll try and explain this as best as I can. The image above shows you the reputation settings that we currently have setup. The above settings determine how many reputation points you can give to another user (positive or negative). Now for the case that you said - you recieved +3.4 for your post. First thing is that the number of points we display on each post is divided by 10. So in reality you recieved +34 reputation points ..... that divided by 10 is +3.4 that is displayed on the forum post. Coming back to the +34 that you got .... as you can see from the image the maximum number of reputation points that anyone can give is 10 (maximum reputation power allowed). So 3 people who had maximum reputation gave you +10 each so that accounts for +30. And I say this by looking at the logs that tell me all reputation points awarded. Every moderator and admin has access to this information. So it is not an assumption. Now that leaves us to only account for the remaining +4 rep. One of the user that gave you reputation was new on this site. At the time that they gave you reputation they were signed up on the site for 1 day, made 3 posts and had not received any reputation from other users on this site. So again referencing the image I posted above you can calculate that particular user's reputation power (at the time they gave rep) - User had 3 posts so that is 3 reputation power. Been a user on the site for a day so that's is 1 reputation power. Add those two their reputation power (again that is how much rep they can give) at the time they rep was 4. The user gave you a positive vote and you got a +4 bringing your total reputation for that post to +34. Had the same user given you a negative reputation you would have recieved -4 instead of +4 so your total reputation for that post would have been +26 and not +34. I hope that explains how the reputation system works. I have tried to cover all conditions and scenarios but if you still have any questions regarding the reputation system please feel free to ask.
  6. It is really hard to single out a moment from a year's worth of excitement and events that occurred but mine has to be the day that Carbon and I were in chat discussing Der Riese easter eggs. He posted an image of a cryptic note and my eyes lit up having seen that code before. A few minutes later we both figured out that was the Illuminati code ..... and the note decrypted was - "Edward it's time kill Maxis". From there on chaos ensued to the point of going back to Verruckt to decipher the text on the walls! It's moments like those - one find snowballing into a huge discussion - that is something I have always enjoyed being a part of this site. I just hope it continues the same way!!
  7. Hmmm all interesting stuff .... especially when carbon starts such a thread lol. I just wanted to throw in this as well .... the pencil from the gknova case has 7 Xs too ;)
  8. shri046


    Really is an achievement. Credits to all members who have made this possible! Congrats carbon!
  9. What phone number are you guys trying? I tried the 877 number and keep getting a "Number not in service" message? It's been that way for me for weeks now ever since I ran that reverse lookup. EDIT: Ok that's weird. I tried from another phone and I got the same music thing. What's different though is that when I called it a couple of weeks ago pressing # took me to the mailbox and pin message. Now it just disconnects when I press #.
  10. Sorry it took a while to get this done. I have added a download link to all the audio files. Right click on the "Download file" link and choose "Save link as" option. I have also added an MP3 version of the entire 30 minute audio which is about 26MB in size. I haven't converted any of the other clips to MP3 yet but let me know if you need them converted as well.
  11. Like kids in a candy store :D
  12. It takes a while for them to load, depends on your connection speed. I'm looking to convert them to optimized mp3 and I'll post the version as soon as I can. As for youtube, carbon can probably post it as he has already posted the other videos under his account.
  13. I have split what I thought were important sections in the audio and made separate links for them. You can listen to individual pieces of the audio on this page http://callofdutyzombies.com/gknova6/dropfiles under the "Clips from audio" section.
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