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  1. I have been in contact with Starkiller for like well over a month now I will post all of our conversations when hes ok with me doing that due to them being private messages... Anyways I checked his IP he lives in Poland. He has given me documents that I believe are not "public record" of maps and what not so once again I need to ask him what I can share and not. I dont think Treyarch visited in order to use that location I think they visited there to either build the back story further for nazi zombies, or for COD Black Ops. And alot of the latest documents sent to the uk sites lead to that area were he works. He has been a great resource as he knows everything about that area. Anyways here is all of the research we are working on mind you there were 30 something documents and some similar to the livedrop docs Dan got. We are focusing on 1 document at a time then linking them to the other doc's. Anyways Starkiller is basically like the ultimate resource as he works there he isnt spewing anything to look into hes just answering my questions and what not and trying to help as well hes a fan of zombies... Check everything out here: http://www.wethegamerz.com/forum/forumd ... KNOVA6-ARG
  2. Sogo01 recorded the video glad he did theres some funny moments! kwpyTdDUUaQ roOfOhPfC-8
  3. By "cheating" this ARG it's possible you guys are only going to make it more difficult to solve?!?
  4. Mercury was the first thing I tried. As the password to the rar file or the key to the cipher? rar
  5. Mercury was the first thing I tried.
  6. Anyone else notice that the rar file is 551961 5/5/1961 - Freedom 7 launch date...
  7. Nice work u guys and it really does seem like there was a glimmer of zombie story line tossed in this time. Now to go to gknova6 i came here to read what you found out first :D
  8. U guys are nuts! Excellent work going on here :P
  9. Good question. The first intel came out on a Monday, I wonder if they will wait a week and release more next Monday. Maybe it will come out on the 8th, like someone said that is the first day of the "second" week of April. Telixion seems to be leaning towards the monday updates as well
  10. Never thought of it that way
  11. @Niho I have been a member of CODz since around MP3 Its safe to say that the majority of the back story is deciphered and figured out between CODz/WTG every other site is just regurgitating what our sites find. There have been several things you guys researched and put together that I hadn't heard about or researched. I better get back on topic before Carbon or Covert Ban me lol
  12. Nah I tweeted when I got my usb drive "a day late and a dollar short" kind of a joke regarding getting it a day later after all the east coasters and the deciphering of the site and Week 2 had already been done. In fact I didnt even know about what was going on until like 7-8 pm PST. Covert told Cyanide who told me and Dan DM'd me around 7:38pm lol. And I was directed to the joystiq site. Anyways can't wait for more information to be revealed, it is codz members and wtg'rs that prty much agree it looks like the website will reveal more information as time passes. And as far as the site goes its possible there is/will be clues regarding zombies, I dont see anything that really screams it to me just yet. What do you guys think? I think its mostly just cold war era events from the site video. And it doesn't really make sense that Treyarch would focus more on Nazi Zombie information with this viral site when we all know its a COD title they are making 1st and foremost. Thats not to say that theres not zombie info hidden there or that it wont be a part of COD 7. Im game for either a full blown NZ game or if they add on through COD 7. I prefer that they keep the story going and not skip a ton of generations (Time machine whatever they might come up with?!?) unless that part of the story is well written and ties in well. As far as the who its from... Not Fallout (Bethesda) Dan + I have never played Fallout and they closed and officially stated on there forums its not from them. Mat runs WePlayCod not WePlayGames so that wipes him out as well... I did have connections to Raven Softwares former CM (and still do) for Wolfenstein but he is no longer there I have -zero- ties to Singularity (Raven Software) currently. I think its enough proof when the Community VIP's for Treyarch are all saying its from them! Anyways keep up the good work impressed with the new layout/look and have always been impressed with the dedication of the CODz members. Ill be around especially come tournament time. Get your Der Riese practicing on! Dan and I also plan to twist Josh's arm a little for some extra swag to go with the perk a cola tees i have from the mp3 event ;-) EDIT: And @BBS Ya while some of ThatGuyWhoCamps info he mentioned in his video is inaccurate he will be participating/promoting the upcoming Der Riese tourny and hes a huge zombies fan and is gearing up to do some videos with WTG for COD 7. Machinima picked him up for MW2. The Machinima guys are prty bad ass cod players Telixion introduced me to them.
  13. @srm-trpr78 I did not intend to shake anyone up. CODz/WTG are affiliate sites and Dan and I are actually planning a huge affiliate site - Der Riese Tourny... "Perk a cola tees" on the line and other swaggy swag... I was referring to joystiq as being the site that cracked the code for the website and "APRIL WEEK TWO" that is all. If I am mistaken and someone else cracked those I will gladly change my statements on WTG. @BBS @Gosu71 The stamp research = awesome. If Treyarch took the time to pick a specific stamp and everything wow... Just wow the planning involved in this viral campaign is amazing... TREYARCH FTW @CODz members you guys are freaking animals lol You wanted more images of the stamps here is mine
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