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    yea i know it is well small did u notice the letter n written in pencil at around the 8
  2. phil1239


    yea but im putting all images on the first page so it is easier to see
  3. phil1239


    yea i agree keep it all here otherwise it will bug the mods
  4. phil1239


    hey everyone henry has sent me a package as i asked and it contains some stuff for you to decipher. i am currently uploading this as we speak. please wait and i will show. *edit: i just looked back in the envelope and found a broken pocketwatch and a 13A fuse *edit: here is the link to the documents. iam currently uploading image of loose objesct like the pocketwatch http://img815.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=page1001.jpg *edit whoops i forgot pg3 out of 5 http://img33.imageshack.us/content_roun ... ia=mupload
  5. ohh ok well it was worth a try thank you. anyway im going out now so i will keep thiking of anymore clues while i am out see ya all in about 3-4 hours
  6. here you go i took it from thadutchguy post in a previous thread http://twitpic.com/1tpcf6 http://twitpic.com/1tpcj0
  7. ok carbon cheers i will do. btw i read on another forum, that in the poster their was a number 433339 (i think). someone belived that this was a hex for a color that was reddish brown . i was thinking that their may be a way to either extract all the colors from the poster and leave just the reddish brown or extract just the reddish brown and leave the rest of the colors which could show something important on the poster. i have tried to do this myself but i cannot find the software or i am just not cappible of doing this so maybe someone else could try this. and again thanks for merging my posts
  8. ohh it could be because maybe you can personalise the way your character looks and this could be the default model
  9. yea like i said i did not know it was star wars at the time if i did i would not have posted it.
  10. their is a person standing in the lower right corner during the teaser trailer. is this maybe a zombie? (again i dont no if this has been found before) i have also just found another hidden image in the trailer when we see the astronaut. it is it the top half of the image
  11. ohh ok it makes sense now cheers
  12. ohh yea i didnt think of that. do you know what the other numbers could be because i have no clue
  13. ohh is it. im not much of a star wars fan. but why does he win?
  14. on david vonderhaars twitter he said JoePhiuchus you win (link to davids account) http://twitter.com/DavidVonderhaar and then by looking at joes post it showed this image is this the next clue to revealing the secret
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