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  1. Wow! That's about all I can say, I appreciate the honor and the recognition! Thanks to Craig and the rest of the Admin/Mod team for all that you guys do to make this site truly the best COD Zombies community out there!
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  2. It is with great honour to add the following members to the hall of fame group @The Clay Bird | @BlindBusDrivr | @Rissole25 | @83457 | @FatedTitan | @Dahniska | @Superhands | @TheNathanNS Each and everyone of them deserve to be in the Hall of Fame group having provided CoDz with knowledge and understanding, friendship and more to many of the sites users both past and present. Some have gone on to other things but they'll always be respected on this site.
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  3. I made a mistake and was clearly pointed out by @Lenne, I missed someone who should have been on that list and if you see this @Shooter please accept my apology and please accepted the the golden robes in the Hall of Fame.
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  4. Guten tag liebe leute of CoDZ! There is a certain subject regarding Die Maschine that has been hanging around in my mind for a while now. A question I still do not know the answer on: The relation between Projekt Giftiger Sturm, the secret research and development of Nova-6 under the Nazi regime, and Projekt Endstation. For a more elaborate explanation on the history & science behind Nova-6 I'd like to refer to this thread, where I also indicate that Nova gas may be key to unlocking mindcontrol. To summarize it's origins, development on Nova gas began in 1943 under the lead of headscientist dr. Friedrich Steiner, as the Nazi's were looking for more unconventional solutions to win turn the tide of the war (1). It has been confirmed that the Wunderwaffe Program developed multiple variants of nerve gases, with Nova-6 being the ultimate showpiece. This is confirmed by some in-game quotes of Steiner, as well as the following document found in the CIA terminal. Notice the mention of a 'version 4', although @Tac has proposed that this may refer to Nova-6 version 4, instead of an actual 'Nova-4'. It should also be noted that this document states that the scope of the project has outgrown their current facility, and thereby likely more and bigger facilities of the Wunderwaffe Program were recommended. Notice this was in the late summer of 1944, many months before the end of the war. Now what did also directly fell under the Nazi Wunderwaffe Programs? You guessed it: the Uranverein, the very same project to which Projekt Endstation belonged before....that took another turn. Now in another piece of intel found in Black Ops, it is stated that the MI6 inaccurately (or falsely) reported to the CIA that the original Nova-6 test site at Cottbus was destroyed (2). Whether that was right or not doesn't matter: the Nova-6 compound succeeded in being transported elsewhere. Now I think this may be due to Steiner's earlier demand for more facilities. Cottbus wasn't the only site. In fact, in the Cold War campaign we see this being confirmed. As you can see, this Soviet computer tells us that the Nova-6 operation was stationed in Zlotorvja. I think neither Cottbus nor Zlotorvja were unique: the Nova-6 Project was so ambitious that the Nazi's may have seen this as their ultimate trumpcard. Secret facilities popped up elsewhere, and some even where multiple Wunderwaffe Program projects were being developed. An example for this may be Der Riese, a facility that we know was jointly used by Group 935 and the Wunderwaffe Program. Is it coincidence that Pavel Gorki, the man who raided Der Riese, later founded GKM that destributed Nova-6 and Soviet sleeper agents in the US (3)? Additional to Der Riese, Morasko may have been another facility where Nova-6 gas was being developed. Here follows my main arguments for that statement: Next to Samantha and Weaver, two characters with great importance in the Zombies story, we actually see a blink of Steiner in the teaser of Die Maschine: We see suspicious green barrels all across the underground facility at Morasko. What compound could be present inside? The Plaguehounds emit a green gas. This gas can also be collected in a green canister literally called 'Plaguehound gas'. Was this gas being developed at the facility? Die Maschine's wonderweapon can acquire the 'Nova 5' upgrade. Supposedly the Nova strains were being researched here? So what was this facility's role in Projekt Giftiger Sturm? What is Nova-5? What is Nova-4 (hinted in Warzone). How do they relate to the Dark Aether research at Endstation? 1. "In '43, the Führer realized that the Allies could not be held back much longer. We began to look for more "unconventional solutions". Throughout the war, my own research was focused on chemical weapons. It was meticulous and frustrating work. However, what we finally developed was a weapon far more effective than we ever dared to imagine...The weapon now housed within this vessel." - Steiner 2. "In 1945, our British counterparts in MI-6 inaccurately (or falsely) reported that the original Nova 6 test site located outside of the municipality of Cottbus on the border of Poland was destroyed under heavy bombing. Reports from the time indicate that the Nova 6 compound was transported on the Elbe River to the North Sea where it was moved to a freighter for transport to an unknown location." - Projekt Nova intel 3. "GKM is registered to one PAVEL GORKI, a cousin of Colonel Lev Krevchenko. The team is constructing a profile on Gorki, but we have confirmed that, following the end of WW2, he was involved in the massacre at Der Reise and the resulting standoff with American forces." - WMD intel
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