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    There are zombies like the Warden, George, and maybe even the Crabmen, but I think they are influenced more by the dark energies of the Aether than simply programmed. Like the ones in GK
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    @Conzul I wasn't trying to say you didn't find the step first, I am saying that when I upgraded the shield (a long time ago), no such step was needed. They updated the game, and after you did the strikes and got the 'celebration' notification the Goddard Apparatus was unlocked for the rest of the game. Have you had games recently where if you don't take the boost refills from pods, the shield reverts back to the Rocket Shield when it breaks?
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    ( In samantha’s Room our 4 Heroes stand in front of Samantha Maxis. Many references to every single map are seen as she puts away her toys in the toy chest, Cleaning up) Samantha: Eddy, my dearest friend…you have done well, The Great Evil has been vanquished. Edward: I know sam, However we both know what needs to happen next for everything to be set right once and for all. Dempsey: What do you mead Richtofen? We’re done! We’re finished! Lets go home! Edward: I’m Afraid I have not been entirely truthful. We do not belong in that world….we can never belong. Nikolai: But our families?! Our Old Lives? What about them? Takeo: I have a duty to my emperor! Edward: Your memories are all false. Their only purpose was to give you a reason to fight against the forces of evil. It was your motivation. Edward: I am sorry, but in order to fix the universe we must get rid of all paradoxes that may disrupt the fabric of reality. If even one of us returns then everything will be undone and we will be doomed to repeat these events for all eternity. Dempsey: you lied to us richtofen! Edward: I’m sorry Dempsey…… I am so Sorry… Samantha: You must understand, even if your memories are false the people in those memories are all real. Each and every one of them. So think about it for a bit and then decide. …………………………… …………………………. ……………………….. Nikolai: If it is for the greater good then perhaps it is best…. Dempsey: I’m not happy about this…….. but maybe you might be right nikolai…. ( The door to samantha’s room opens shining a bright light ) Samantha: Are you ready my heroes? You only need to step into the light…. Takeo: Sometimes the most Honorable of actions are left unnoticed…. But without them the world would not be a better place… ( Takeo enters the Light) Nikolai: So…. Little girl…. What is beyond the light? Samantha: Do not worry Nikolai.. even when the world is set straight I will protect you ( Nikolai Nods and Enters the Rift) ( Dempsey looks at Samantha and says nothing as he enters the Light) Edward: Well Samantha… it’s been fun……. It’s all up to you now to make your world a better place. It’s your turn now Sam…. I think I’m finished…. Samantha grabs Edward’s hand and leads him into the Light as the door closes…. Behind them. The sun rises in the Distance shining light to 4 Soldiers in an abandoned Airfield. The Nazi’s are being captured and they share drinks for the Victory of WWII. Maxis is captured by the Americans and is taken away from Germany to work on other projects. You see der riese but without the teleporters or the drawing of hellhounds, not a single trace of 115. Meanwhile Nero perfects his Magic Act and brings back his career. He takes a glass and pours a drink as he sits down and reads a book . Vincent hides in the alley with his partner as they prepare to take down a group of Mobsters. They knock down the backdoor to an apartment and see Finn, Sal, and Billy who are shocked to see that they have been caught. They are arrested and sent to Alcatraz. Where they spent their time in their cells. Reading Albert Arlington’s Comic book, Flight of the Icarus. It is revealed that In this correct timeline Weasel did not go into crime and instead continued his comic book career. Jessica is Finally on her way to becoming an actress as she prepares to leave town. She gets in a car and looks back at the now Normal Morg City. Cambell fights many times and continues to lose and he is given a chance to cheat. He holds in his hands the Brass Knuckles but instead he just drops them on the floor and continues to train in hopes that perhaps one day he can become a champion. Call of the Dead becomes a Hit Film as the 4 actors walk down the Red carpet as George Romero Shakes hands with various Fans. They sit down and begin watching the film premier. Due to the 115 and the secret tests not occurring Russman never gets fired and he does not lose his mind. Russman looks very different, Healthier, younger, and fitter. Stuhlinger is still as paranoid as ever but he has a job as a Reporter and lives a semi normal life. Misty and Martlon Pass by each other in the bus station but don’t know who they are. Marlton Looks back and so does misty as if some form of long forgotten familiarity is remembered but they can’t quite remember what it is. We get one more glimpse at the locations from past maps and we see that they are normal. No Zombies, all in working order. Villagers in the tribe, Scientists working on Rockets, a Fogless Tranzit, The Moon has no bases on it. ( Samantha opens the door to her new room and begins to pull out her toys. Some crayons and paper.) “The Heroes were rewarded with riches beyond imagination….. ( Samantha pulls out the 4 Toys depicting her heroes) “From that day forward they knew That Samantha would keep them Safe…” ( She begins to draw their Story) Forever…………. ( The Screen starts zooming out revealing that Samantha is now a young woman and her drawing with crayons has transformed into a professional comic. She is the writer of the Comic Book and she has kept her promise of rewarding them with riches and keeping them Safe. She has immortalized them in her comic book which shall be read for generations to come. They may be gone but they will be remembered forever and their deeds will never be forgotten although even the world will never know of the events that transpired)
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    In my opinion, BO3 Giant is more fun than the original Der Riese, and i loved the original (I was playing it recently). I feel the BO1 version was meh, at best. A fifth perk, plus the randomization of the perks, adds a little fun, but really it is the map play, gun choices, and the Alternate Ammo that raise The Giant's value. By map play, i mean that the players are basically smaller than in WaW (play Giant, then Der Reise right after, you'll see what i mean), giving more room to get around the zombies. Also, there are more solo options because of this and the change in zombie pathing. Zombie pathing: Solo, if you start a round in Mainframe, you can camp by the RK5 and just stand there (it gets rough by round 40). No zombies come over the fence behind you as long as you started in MF and didn't go up the steps by the 750 door. Best with the 750 steps-door open, and the ramp-door closed. Thompson Room (VMP Room): Keep door with trap closed here, open from the steps. Come down the steps, turn right, walk 10 feet, turn and face VMP wallbuy (where Thompson was), headshot. The zombies from the right window come from the VMP side of the barrels, unlike WaW. Go to TPC, stand by KN-44 (STG spot), headshot to around 30. Catwalk is even easier than WaW. Running TPC or Power areas are easier. The biggest letdown is that Trip Mines are turds compared to Bouncing Betties, but note that you can hold a TM in your hand for fast Bowie Knife stabbing. Sadly, like the bad bo1 bk, it only lasts for 9 rounds in BO3, unlike the 11-12 rounds in WaW. It's worth the $6, IMO.
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    It's good fun. The layout is exactly the same, you still get the original 4 perks + Mule Kick, + a secret perk that's either Staminup or Deadshot. Gobblegums are added and BO3 weapons are in the box, plus the wall guns have been replaced this time round. You can double-PaP as well and the Wunderwaffe has been nerfed with a slower chaining effect, so it makes less sense to raid the box for it and instead go for Deadwire on a wall gun as it practically does the same thing and you can buy ammo off the wall for it. The traps stay on for 40-odd seconds now rather than the 20-odd they used to stay on, which improves some strategies whilst ruining others haha. So yeah, it's good fun. Doesn't quite have the same feel as the old ones in terms of atmosphere but then neither did the BO remake have the same feel as the W@W version, but in terms of gameplay it's still one of the more fun maps to play.
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    The Giant is available on 360 as of July 5, 2016. $5.99 That is all.
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    I never have to wait for any elevators really. In a one-hour game to round 30, I wait for one, maybe two minutes in total or something. The waiting part is hugely exaggerated by most. If you can't get up from power right away, you can build the sliquifier. At any other point, you can slay zombies on the roof and you can see and hear the elevators when you perk up some more. Or you can run trains by the hole in the ground and you fling yourself across when the perk is down in the other building. There are so many ways of reaching the elevators and so many routes to take. As a survival map, I really like it. Think fast and act accordingly. And if you miss the bus, you either wait or go by foot, just like real life, hahaha. I really love the bus. I like it more than the trains in Shadows, which are fine, but you don't really use them. I think the unpredictable aspect of the bus makes Tranzit super fun to play with friend and foe.
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    The elevators in Die Rise were something great IMO. Just like the bus in TranZit, it is one of the things that make a map really unique

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