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    "Thanks to the sacrifice of Maxis and the contraption called Sophia. all the 115 has been purged from the final universe. Thank fucking god. Time to get some rest. -M"
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    Some form of transposition. Got a good chunk figured out:
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    There's a cipher in Verrückt in front of the Keeper altar. Similar look as the substitution cipher solved by @WaterKH
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    Hey guys, Tac here! This thread is really meant to be a compilation of just about everything that can be scripted. It's a work in progress, but I intend on including all the radios, quotes, journal entries, cinematics/cutscenes, letters, and ciphers. As a friendly tip, you can CTRL+F any map name to jump straight there! If you guys can think of anything you want me to add or fix, please comment! nacht der untoten verruckt shi no numa der riese kino der toten five ascension call of the dead shangri-la moon
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    Thank you for this Spider! Can't wait untill I get my hands on them. :)
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    Thank you! I had no idea the second was available for pre-order, either! Glad I have gotten this taken care of, thanks to this post. You should go ahead and sticky it.
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    Speaking of ciphers form DF, he just included a new on in his recent post
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    Yeah, it was just an error. That entire code was 50 shades of messed up, and no matter what we did we couldn't get it to change from ivan, so you shouldn't worry too much about that.
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    I think the Shadowman's quote about Richtofen being his apprentice is a direct reference to Richtofen touching the MPD and hearing voices. I think the Shadowman is claiming responsibility for manipulating evil Richtofen's actions.
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    I understand how you feel. I feel the same way, well, I have felt this way ever since Black Ops III was released. I didn't buy into the hype. I figured it'd end this way. That's why I'm not surprised. I'm glad I never bought the game. However, that being said, even thought I figured Treyarch would spurn us, I'm still here because I want to finish my zombie storyline from beginning to end. Look, it's not much of a consolation, but I'm working hard at making this compendium of everything that's every happened. And when it is done, I'll be able to present the story in a much more satisfying fashion. Personally, it'll make it worth it to me. This is my way of bringing closure. Once my storyline is done, I'll close the book on zombies in my life. (And go back to Homestuck.)
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    Oh wow, this is a ton of work. And really Quick! Thanks! I might check what I got compared to yours to see what I messed up :P
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    OK sorry this one took so long, I lost progress about 1/3 of the way through and got super demotivated and quit if for a few days :P Also, as it has a much wider range of character I feel I may have made a few errors, so watch out for that. I was able to cross-Reference with WaterKH's Transcript to find any errors I made so I am 99% sure this is now correct This is for the Book in Kino Left page Right Page Again This is very likely Hex but I am not sure what to do after converting. Although it does look kinda like Base 64
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    Here are all my transcripts as of right now - Sorry @Nieno9 it took so long! Revelations_Transcripts+.zip
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    Because it hasn't been posted here yet, @waterkh, @oxin8, @lizisadoliphin solved the Ticket Cipher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ey: 9750328 (derived from the 30957298 on the ticket) PT: From all of us at Treyarch it has been a fun and amazing experience making zombies with you these last eight years. Without your love and input none of this could have been possible. Thank you for playing. As @Aquillian suspected it was an ADFGX cipher.
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    Yea, I'm half way through transcribing that one (Got the left page done). Hopefully will finish it tonight. Here is the pictures of it http://imgur.com/a/TQhdE
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    Dead around Here...are there more transcripts? A clear Pic from the (other) book cipher would be awesome (that One Which starts with 37 38 4e 70 69 67 51 62 45 66 67 63 65 75 64 34 50 69 59 37 65 34 56 42 7a 77 76 4b 2f 4e 69 Which translates To base64)
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    And while we're on the subject. Monty has to be the most idiotic omnipotent being ever. Putting aside the giant plothole that he knew everything that happened in SOE except the Shadow Man being in the key (how again?) He's followed stalked our characters for God Monty knows how long, and yet SOMEHOW he did not know or care that Richtofen was getting blood vials? I mean even Richtofen himself was surprised Monty didn't bring it up earlier. He must've known by Gorod Krovi that Richtofen had them on his person and also equipped Dempsey Takeo and Nikolai with more bloodvials. So why didn't he take the opportunity when talking to all of them minus Richtofen to manipulate them into getting rid of those vials? He tried to break apart the group so why not this? And how does Richtofen even know what the bloodvials do in the first place. Does the Kronorium have a chapter of: What to do in case a random plot device God complex known as Monty shows up. And why didn't Dempsey Nikolai or even Takeo speak during any of this? They just stood there like well fuck it this franchise's dead anyway, might as well go up in smoke with it. And for those thinking there's a 2nd ending. Don't get your hopes up, the Dark Ops challenge clearly said complete all Zombie quest story stuff or something. Also notice how the children, whilst being the central theme throughout this Origins story, at the end of the day disappear without a single line of actual dialogue ever having been spoken by any of the kids. This just feels so rushed. I'm betting when Jason said the "If you think you're done with DLC 4 you're wrong" quote he was thinking "This is the time I gotta give them some false hope so hopefully they won't realize how horrible this ending actually is." Forget it, we're putting more thought into this than the writers of the damn map did.
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    Transcript for the Floor Scrap @Rissole25 Posted: There are some Letters “Hidden“ in the cipher - i wrote down What i saw Don't know if its correct
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    Reel 2 radio found Tac. (you should update the OP) Maxis: "(The break in programming) coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility." knocking on door Maxis: "One moment" more knocking Maxis: "What is it?" door opens Sophia: "You wanted to see me Ludvig?" Maxis: "Sophia, yes. Do come in. Sit down my dear. Have some tea." door closes. Sophia walks over and sits down Sophia: "Is everything alright?" Maxis: "No, no, everything's fine. Drink your tea." Sophia drinks tea Maxis: "I heard a...nefarious rumor earlier. Regarding the field test with Subject 2-6. Are you feeling alright?" Sophia: "Of course." Maxis: "Just strange, this rumor. May I see your arm?" Sophia: "What? No. Why do you need to see my arm?" Maxis: "Relax Sophia, I would never hurt you. You know that right?" Sophia: "Of course. But-" Maxis: "And you know I care deeply for you". Sophia: "Yes, but-" Sophia chokes, glass falls off table and smashes. She coughs and falls to the ground. Maxis: " Yes, yes...yes. Than you know everything I'm about to do to you is for your own good.
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    Based on the newline (0d 0a), I'm fairly certain you're on the right track. We just need to take the translated from hex version and do the next step and I honestly don't know what that is.
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    I had a look at the Book Cipher in Sam's Room and I though the numbers looked like Hexadecimal, I also noticed that the numbers are all within 30-39 and 61-66. This translates to 1-9 and a-f when converted from Hex. The 0d 0a at the end confirmed my suspicion of Hexadecimal, as I believe that is the Hex notation for the end of a line. Below is the Cipher Text From each page of the book Left Page Right Page (While almost every line except the last is 33 pairs long, the 4th and 5th line on the first page appear to only by 32 long. I double checked this with 2 different source images and I keep counting 32 so I am not sure why this is or whether it's significant) And When translated from Hex you get the Following Left page Right Page I am currently trying to work out what to do with the translated text or if this is even the right direction in the first place so any input would be great
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    Two ciphers from Sam's room. The first is a scrap on the floor, pretty easy to get a good image. The 2nd is from a book. It's at such an angle that it is very awkward to get. So until we progress the egg far enough to get into her room (I have no doubt we will now with these cipher finds), those images will have to do. Floor scrap Book
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    Still ciphers to find in World at War? People checked all textures in that map. Treyarch must be really good in hiding things
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    green run nuketown great leap forward alcatrazisland resolution 1295 excavation site 64 shadows of evil the giant der eisendrache zetsubou no shima

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